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Top Cow’s third pilot season to feature Kirkman/Silvestri creations

On G4’s Attack of the Show yesterday, Blair Butler announced that Top Cow’s bringing back their Pilot Season competition, where they throw five comics into the octagon and let them battle it out (via fan voting) to see which two will go on to become mini-series. The twist this time around is that all five of them will be co-created by Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri, as detailed in this video:

No word on when the third Pilot Season competition starts. Last year’s winners were Twilight Guardian by writer Troy Hickman and artist Reza, and Genius by writers Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman and artist Afua Richardson.



I’m still bummed we’ll never see the Joe Casey/ChrisCross Velocity series.

And that’s what I was just going to type Ian.

Its no fun when Blair Butler doesn’t get her info right on the air and as a major comic fan, that’s info she should know.

First, they’ve only done this twice already, so after the 3rd time, you may want to actually call it an annual event.

Second, as you said, Velocity was cancelled with no plans to actually attempt to publish it again so saying all winning books get an ongoing (when they’re really just 4 issue minis they HOPE sales can turn ongoing) is wrong.

And 3rd, hasn’t it already been over a year since the last Pilot Season? No sign of Twilight Guardian or Genuis anywhere.

Probably in the same “postponed” void as Black Vault.

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