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Veitch shares the secret origin of the Sentry

early Sentry concept art

early Sentry concept art

The Sentry has had an interesting history at Marvel … remember how the Sentry was first publicized — as a “forgotten” character created by Stan Lee back in the day? And in the comics, there’s the whole plotline about how he made everyone forget who he was to save the world from the Void, even his best friends the Hulk and Reed Richards. So the whole theme of forgotten history has been crucial to the character.

Well, here’s one more “now it can be told” piece of the character’s puzzle: Rick Veitch has started a series of blog posts that explain his role in creating the Sentry with Paul Jenkins. Check out the first part here, the second here and the third here. It’s an interesting, and fitting, reveal about the character.



I preferred DC’s one-month-later Sentry equivalent, Moon Maiden, who was ret-conned back into continuity then never heard from again.

I can’t help but think that it’ll later be revealed that Veitch is making up all this background “history” of the Sentry, since that would fit in so well with the character’s history…

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