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What’s up with the Ignatz line?

cover to Ganges #3

cover to Ganges #3

If you’re like me (and who’s to say you aren’t), you’ve no doubt been wondering what’s up with Fantagraphics Ignatz line, which up until recently seemed to be stuck on standby. This week finally sees the release of two new issues — Delphine #4 and Grotesque #3 – and over at Flog, Kim Thompson reveals that more is on the way, including the third issue of Kevin Huizenga’s Ganges.

Next up, likely to be released toward the end of the year, is a double whammy of Niger #3 by Leila Marzocchi (check out the cover of this wild ecological fable), and the fourth and concluding installment of Ponchione’s Grotesque (with another standalone story). Then Spring 2010 will, if everything goes well, see the release of the fourth issue of Igort’s cartoonist-graphic-novel-a-clef Baobab; the fourth (and concluding) issue of Gabriella Giandelli’s hard-to-pronounce magical apartment building story Interiorae; and the third issue of Zak Sally’s otherworldly picaresque Sammy the Mouse.

Thompson also writes that the Gipi series Wish You Were Here and Marti ‘s Calvario Hills are M.I.A. for now, though David B. may have a new issue of Babel out sometime next year.



Love this line! I’ve fallen behind on some of the titles. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up at Comic-Con. Absolutely gorgeous work!

Great news. I was at home in Michigan this week when I found a copy of Sammy the Mouse #1 and was wondering what the heck was going on. YAY, COMICS!

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