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Arby’s unleashes JLA paper toys on humanity

JLA bobbleheads

JLA bobbleheads

And the papercraft kits just keep on comin’. This time it’s a set of JLA-themed bobblehead dolls, created by Matt Hawkings of Custom Paper Toys. Better yet, these will be available in Arby’s restaurants this week for a limited time with the purchase of a kid’s meal. The dolls include Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and Bizarro (not pictured). You can see more detailed pictures of the figures on Matt’s Flickr page.

(found via the Ephemerist)



Nice, but if you don’t have an Arby’s anywhere in your area…

This is what I hate about regional promotions.

Superman built inside out is Bizarro. Sweet!

So… Justice League has been off the air for several years now, but here’s a promotion based on the characters, and the art style, used on that show. In fact, Boomerang even stopped showing it (It had been running for a quite awhile at 11pm ET) just a few weeks ago. Once again, a stroke of genius on the parts of WB and DC.


That said, I may still have to run past the Arby’s in the food court of a nearby mall and see if they have these… Even if it means actually eating Arby’s food.

Shaun, I think I read that the Complete JL dvd set is being solicited.

But sometimes I think wrongly.

Ah… I wasn’t aware of that. Well that makes sense. Thanks, Alan.

But still… WHERE’S BATMAN??

>> Nice, but if you don’t have an Arby’s anywhere in your area…
This is what I hate about regional promotions.>>

Contact them online and talk to their Customer Relations department; they’d probably be happy to mail you one.

I once contacted a very-regional pizza place because I wanted to find out when their commercials would be running so I could tape one — it was zombie-themed and hilarious, and I wanted to send a copy to a horror-movie fan friend. The guy wound up FedExing me a tape with four different cuts of the ad.

There are people at any decently-sized company paid to get people to think kind thoughts about their firm. They’d likely be happy to help.


Any chance for us JLA fans in australia to get templates we dont even know what an Arby’s is can someone let us know

Wow! That’s wonderful! I would buy these paper toys. When I was a child i did such things very often. Children will be extremely happy.

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