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Azzarello and Noto team for Batman/Doc Savage

Batman/Doc Savage

Batman/Doc Savage

If you’ve been enjoying Brian Azzarello’s work on Batman in Wednesday Comics, then this will probably make you happy … Azzarello is teaming with artist Phil Noto for a Batman/Doc Savage special. Per DC’s the Source blog, the special “sets the stage for an entire new world for the Doc, along with a slew of characters that will pop up later, including the Blackhawks and Rima, the Jungle Girl.” The special is due in November, with J.G. Jones providing the cover (above).

As we learned in June, Azzarello and Rags Morales are working on a new Doc Savage monthly series, set in an alternate DC Universe that will also include The Spirit. No word yet on when the monthly will debut.



Reminds me quite a lot of the way DC ushered in the new “Spirit” monthly series by having Jeph Loeb and Darwyn Cook do that “Batman/Spirit” one-shot. Batman makes everything more palatable, I guess.

If anyone can do the pulps in a more modern style and make it work its Azz. Pulps are hot now. Everyone is doing em. Dark Horse has REH and Gold Key, Wednesday Comics, DC’s Red Circle, Alex Ross’s project Superpowers. The Twelve, Frank Cho’s Jungle comics, etc….

What I wanna know is what is Risso’s next project? Any news?

I just soiled myself in happiness!

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