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BOOM! solicits new Cars, Wall-E and Toy Story ongoings

Wall-E #0

Wall-E #0

BOOM! Studios’ November solicitations came out today and feature the launch of several new ongoing series in their BOOM! Kids line.

In addition to the previously reported The Muppet Show ongoing launching, BOOM! will also publish ongoing series for Cars, Wall-E and Toy Story, all of which start with a “zero” issue in November.

Alan J. Porter will continue to work on the Cars property, and he’ll also write Toy Story. They’ll feature art by Albert Carreres and Brett Schoonover, respectively. Wall-E, meanwhile, will be written by J. Torres with art by Morgan Luthi.

Check out some unfinal covers after the jump …

Cars #0

Cars #0

The Muppet Show #0

The Muppet Show #0

Toy Story #0

Toy Story #0

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I adore Wall-E but he’s just not the same without the cute noises to go along with it.

I’m really beginning to believe that BOOM! could be the next publisher to go to the front of Previews. Using their licensed projects to leverage against original properties, they could become the next Dark Horse.

“Not Final Art.”

You’re damn right it ain’t!


I love, love, love that movie… I’ll have to check out the comic, but yeah… It won’t be the same without sound. I also wonder how the story will play out after the movie. Will the resettlement of Earth be as fun as the movie? I dunno.

If you read the actual solicitation, it indicates that the story is a prequel to the movie.

I am looking at the comics for my preschool child. They aren’t suppose to be for adults. They don’t have the same hang ups that adults have.

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