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Chicago Comic-Con ‘09 | Friday

Chicago Comic-Con

Chicago Comic-Con

7:30 am – Breakfast with Jess at the Embassy’s free buffet. Talked over some plans for a comic we want to do about a jungle girl who gets captured by pirates and has to fight intelligent, evil sharks. Great conversation and the sausage was pretty good too.

10:00 am – The show officially opens for the day. I check back on my press pass and though my printed name tag still hasn’t arrived, the woman offers me a wrist-band that’ll identify me as press and get me into the show. She’s just as nice and helpful as the woman from yesterday and says that I can check back on my badge later.

On the way into the exhibition hall I’m offered a flyer explaining that Michelle Rodriguez and Rhona Mitra will only be signing 750 autographs each and that you really should buy a $45 ticket to make sure you get one.

A few steps later and I’m passing a booth that will take your picture and PhotoShop Hayden Pantierre into it. I’m curious how much they charge for that, but I’m afraid to hear the answer.

10:30 am – I check out about half of Artist Alley. It’s pretty busy back here this morning. J. Scott Campbell’s got a huge line and the creators of Tiny Titans also have a good crowd around their table, but it’s not just that. There’s a lot of activity in general.

Aw, Yeah! Fans!

Aw, Yeah! Fans!

I discover a comic called Cy-Boar. It’s about exactly what you think it is, which is awesome. I grab a business card so I can check out the website later.

Cy-Boar's Lou Graziani

Cy-Boar's Lou Graziani

Talked to Jeremy Bastian and bought the first two issues of Cursed Pirate Girl and a cool button. I’ve been looking forward to reading this for a while.

Cursed Pirate Girl's Jeremy Bastion

Cursed Pirate Girl's Jeremy Bastian

I also learned an important lesson about myself. I thought I was pretty well inoculated against being offended by art, but that was before I saw Wil Woods’ Vietnam Memorial/Star Wars mash-up. I may be overly sensitive due to my general mood about the convention as a whole, but I’m guessing that this would’ve offended me anyway.



11:00 am – Back in the main exhibition area I run into writer RD Hall (Heroes graphic novel) at the Crimespree booth. We catch up a little and make plans for dinner later.

Next I zip over to the Ape booth to talk to Steve Bryant (Athena Voltaire) and pick up some collections I still need. I grab Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon, Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries, and The Black Coat: A Call to Arms. Publisher Brent Erwin is also giving away copies of Cartoona Palooza #2, Ape’s latest Free Comic Book Day issue. I didn’t get that last FCBD, so I’m grateful for it.

Athena Voltaire's Steve Bryant

Athena Voltaire's Steve Bryant and Jason Millet

On my way out of the hall I see a guy in a C2E2 shirt. That’s so frickin cool.

I know what I'm doing in April.

I know what I'm doing in April.

11:30 am – Head over to Gibson’s Steak House for lunch with a friend who lives in the area. It’s raining out, but the restaurant is right across the street from the convention center, so I’m okay. As I walk over though, I’m offended again; this time by someone’s using the flag prop from their costume as an umbrella. I found out later when I showed this picture to a friend that the woman’s dressed as Sarah Palin, information that I present to you without comment.



At Gibson’s, my friend is running late because the rain’s slowing down the Chicago traffic, so I read most of Cartoona Palooza. I love Ape’s stuff anyway and this reinforces why. Every tale in the book is a complete story and makes me want to read more just like it. There’s a fun GI Joe/Transformers-style piece written by Erwin himself, another fun one about the team of talking super-animals who protect Jungle City, a sweet White Picket Fences one about an empty-lot baseball game and the aliens who secretly observe it, and a cool Femme Noir riff on the Bela Lugosi movie The Devil Bat. I’m partway through Steve Bryant’s story featuring his new Ursula Wilde character when my buddy arrives. I’ll have to wait till later to see if Ursula and her friends defeat the green slime monster.

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2:00 pm – Back from lunch. Check in at the press registration booth and pick up my badge. I’m official!

3:00 pm – Go to the Crimespree panel and it does its job nicely. Not only do I gain some insight into the panelists’ creative process, but I’m now also more interested in Scalped and the new Vertigo Crime imprint. CBR’s full report is here.

The Crimespree panel

The Crimespree panel: Jon Jordan (Crimespree Magazine), Jason Aaron (Scalped), B Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick), Marcus Sakey (Good People novel), Tim Broderick (Odd Jobs webcomic), and Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Filthy Rich).

4:00 pm – Booth-sitting for Grant so he can tell Edward James Olmos how much he loooooves him.

4:20 pm – Mike Holman from Jackass just bought a copy of Wolves of Odin. Very nice guy.

5:45 pm – Is it terribly self-serving to mention that someone just noticed Robot 6 printed on my badge and stopped to shake my hand and let me know how much he likes the blog? Probably, but it was a nice interaction and I want to make sure to capture the positive aspects of the convention as well as my gripes. The programming might not be so awesome, but the people – both fans and creators – are amazing and despite my grumbling I’m having a great time visiting with and getting to know them.

6:30 pm – Grant’s back and I’m off to dinner with RD and his wife at the Hyatt. RD gives me a copy of Marcus Sakey’s Good People. Sakey was on the Crimespree panel and I loved what he had to add to the conversation about writing realistic villains. Looking forward to checking out his novel.

9:00 pm – Back at the hotel after a very nice dinner. May go out again later once I get this post ready to go. Gettin kinda sleepy though, so we’ll see…

Howsabout let’s finish with some costumes from the day?

Space Ghost, the Shadow, and the Punisher

Space Ghost, the Shadow, and the Punisher

Green Lantern shows Obi-Wan how to use his power ring.

Green Lantern shows Obi-Wan how to use his power ring.

Kitty Pride, Lockheed, and Ash

Kitty Pride, Lockheed, and Ash

Ms. Marvel and Phoenix

Ms. Marvel and Phoenix







Thanks, again, Michael.

Isn’t that one photo Space Ghost, the Shadow, and Mike Baron?

Little Ash with the boomstick and blood splatter is so adorable! Haha! What a great costume for the kid. The chainsaw is great too. He shopped smart. He shopped S-Mart.

Lil’ Ash and Lil’ Shadowcat have also killed me dead with their adorableness.

Using a flag as shelter from the rain is offensive now? Cor, I never would’ve thought it.

Erm am I the only one disturbed by the ‘Ash’ kid considering the source materials content and rating? I’m getting old.

And the Robin.


I’m a little more offended at the folks who I saw using American flags as capes. If it was raining, and I was cold, and I had something that would prevent the rain from touching me, I’d use it too.

that star wars vietnam memorial really is distasteful.

Is that red-eye on Phoenix, or did she have red lenses in?

agree with people that are offended by the Star Wars wall. I actually like the look of it, but think the content was just wrong (heck even if it was Rebels it would have been wrong, but considering that the Empire is portrayed similar to nazi Germany it really rankles)

and yes I’m offended by both the flag being used as rain shelter(I’ll fight for your right to do that, but I disagree with actually doing that) and the Ash kid, what are their parents letting these kids watch?

Always fun to read your Con reports. I attended the first 7 or 8 Wizard Chicago shows but haven’t been in a few years. I stopped having fun after a while. Definitely thinking about hitting C2E2 in April, though.

fantastic report. Robins looks great and little Ash is adorable.

I would first like to say, that as an artist I have to be open and respect everyone’s opinion on my artwork. I would like to give a little background on my Deathstar Reflections piece though. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and a member of a local Fanforce. I grew up in awe of the Vietnam Memorial painting and have family members who have served in every major war. Having said that, this piece is an homage to the friends and family members who myself (my mother, and my grandparents) ,the members of my Star Wars Fanforce, and members of the 501st have lost. The names on the memorial wall are real names written in the Star Wars language. This drawing is not meant as a joke, its meant as an homage to the the things that I have loved and lost. I do respect any and all opinions and any correspondence is welcome.

Wil, thanks for stepping up and being willing to answer the critics. I don’t mind what you’ve done here but I can sympathize with others whose lives have been touched by war. If people find it distasteful and express as much so be it. It’s when people start picking up pitchforks and torches and calling for the head of the artist that things go too far. Hope this doesn’t get you on Fox news.

You Americans, you kill me. If I saw someone using the Union Jack as an umbrella i wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Considering the many ways the flag has been used, abused and co-opted over the years, i’m amazed you can still see it as a sacrosanct icon.

Not all Americans feel that way about the flag. I could care less. It’s just a flag. And I love that one poster has no problem risking their own life to let someone use it as an umbrella, but is rankled when they actually do. That makes no sense whatsoever.

no thats not mike baron. isnt that Space Ghost , the shadow,and Tom Nieter

That’s my daughter in the Green Lantern costume with Obi-Wan. For more photos, look me on Facebook, John Castillo. I took over 700 photos.

Hi! I was the Sarah Palin! Guys, I am SO sorry about the flag-as-umbrella thing, and for some reason, I KNEW that this was gonna happen…I had a headset on that was not mine, seeing as I lost my cell phone, and I would been devastated if the rain fried it. I also had my ipod and stuff…we were taking it back to the car. If I had known it was gonna rain, I would have definately brought an unbrella. I had checked the weather that day, but I checked it for my hometown, not Chicago…and in my town, it wasn’t gonna rain. I feel awful, and the flag was the only thing that I had ( I was gonna use my bf’s cape, but it’s attached to the costume).

Awesome images. Can’t wait to hit the next one!

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