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Chicago Comic-Con ‘09 | The return of Nate Grey

X-Man, a.k.a. Nate Grey

X-Man, a.k.a. Nate Grey

The X-Men panel at the Chicago Comic-Con just ended; I wasn’t there, but CBR’s Shaun Manning covered it live. One of the announcements at the show is another Dark X-Men mini-series that kicks off in November, by Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk. The pair worked together on Captain Britain and MI13, as well as stories in the Dark X-Men: The Beginning mini-series that ties into the big Utopia crossover between Dark Avengers and Uncanny X-Men.

So the Dark X-Men are hanging around after Utopia, in some form or another. And it sounds like another old character we haven’t seen in awhile is making his return, based on this quote: “This also has something to do with an X-Man named… X-Man.”

Per an additional article on CBR, Nate Grey/X-Man is indeed back:

“He’s near omnipotent, the mutant shaman, and he’s terrifying to my cast of characters,” Cornell said. “That’s because he’s exactly what they don’t want in play right now: a very powerful, charismatic, alternative leader of mutant affairs. And a Summers, to boot. X-Man is dreaming his way back into the world, the deadliest possible hero.”

Unfortunately for the cast of “Dark X-Men” they’ll have no choice but to confront Nate Grey because he quickly becomes part of an important mission that Osborn tasks them with. “The story is called ‘Journey to the Centre of the Goblin’, and, though it won’t become clear until towards the end, that’s exactly what it becomes about, getting inside Norman Osborn’s head,” Cornell revealed. “On the way, we encounter the world haunted by Nate, the cult that S.H.I.E.L.D. became, and the twisted psyches of our four leads, which skew the story in ways that might surprise you.”

Edit: looks like the article is down. I’ll add the link back when it gos back up. — JK

If you aren’t familiar with Nate Grey, he was introduced back in the 1990s during “The Age of Apocalypse” event that ran through the X-titles. When reality was reshaped by the death of Professor X, all of the various X-characters received makeovers of a sort. As I understand it, Nate Grey was grown in a lab by Mr. Sinister from the “genetic material” of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. So yes, he’s another Summers family member with an f’ed up origin … which is fitting, since he’s the AoA equivalent of Cable.

Eventually everything returned to status quo, with a handful of AoA characters making the jump to the regular Marvel Universe once the big crossover event was over. That included current Dark X-Men member Dark Beast, an evil version of Henry McCoy, as well as the X-Man, Nate Grey, who got his own title for awhile. He received a bit of a makeover in 2000, thanks to Warren Ellis and Steve Grant, as part of the “Counter-X” event that saw Ellis also working on Generation X with Brian Wood and X-Force with Ian Edginton. The character eventually died saving the world from aliens.

His return should at least make this guy happy.



I was wondering when he would appear again, it’s been a while since he “died”. I had a theory about him and the mutant messiah, that the girl was indeed Nate reborn, and that’s why Cable was so interested in her and why she is so powerful, but I was wrong. Well, let’s see what happen with him, I trust in Cornell, he’s a very talented writer.


So what happened to that article? The link doesn’t work anymore.

Looks like it was pulled down. I’ve edited the article and will add the link back in when it goes back up.

Wow… I hope they bring him back in a remarkable way.

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