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Chicago Comic-Con ’09 | I should also point out …

…that the cover to the Dark X-Men mini-series features two characters whited out:

Dark X-Men #1

Dark X-Men #1

which means it’s time for another edition of “guess who’s on the team.” I’m guessing that those two characters weren’t actually part of the Dark X-Men crew that is appearing in the Utopia crossover, otherwise why hide their identity? So who else do you think is on the team besides Dark Beast and Mimic?



Mysterious Stranger

August 9, 2009 at 6:41 pm

I feel confident saying the woman figure up front is Mystique since she’s impersonating Prof X in Utopia.

The other though has me baffled. Avalanche maybe?

Maybe they aren’t whited out: maybe they are mutants with powers that make them glow white. White Girl and Whitey. Or Professor White and the White Dove.

Dear lord, Dark Beast is still around?

Could be they’re hiding whether or not Emma will stick with Dark or with Uncanny.

Dark Beast
The guy who is the new Guardian
Cloak and Dagger
Emma Frost

With Dark Beast around, Nate Grey coming back, it’s time to bring back Holocaust (or will they go back to Nemesis?). He was a bad ass character in AoA, brought into the regular 616, then was barely used.

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