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Chip Kidd talks comics logos and cover design

"Final Crisis" covers, by J.G. Jones and Chip Kidd

"Final Crisis" covers, by J.G. Jones and Chip Kidd

Writing on The New York Times’ The Moment blog, George Gene Gustines chats briefly with author, editor and designer Chip Kidd about his cover treatments for DC Comics, including the 2008-2009 miniseries Final Crisis.

“I was thrilled that they [DC] went with the idea,” Kidd says, “but if I had it to do over again, I would have accelerated the progression. The reader should notice something going on by the second issue, and as it is it’s just too subtle. I don’t think fans really got it until the fourth issue, which is nobody’s fault but mine. But overall I think it solved the problem in an interesting way, which is getting harder and harder to do as so much ground gets broken. Mainly what was wanted was a graphic response to Civil War, but it had to look totally different. And I was impressed that DC took the vertical type scheme and made it the ‘brand’ for all the FC related books. That was very flattering, actually.”

The post also includes a nice gallery of some of Kidd’s DC work.



I really loved this scheme and the character covers. So much.

Kidd’s right, the Final Crisis logo progression was way too subtle. I didn’t even notice it until now, with issue 6 juxtaposed against the others.

Note to comic book publishers: There is more than one graphic designer currently working in the western world. More than one, even, just here in America, can you believe it?

If you love what Chipper has been doing since you “discovered” design several years ago, why not experiment with hiring ANOTHER designer, and see what wonders might result? Go ahead and start with a low-profile project, so you don’t have to get panic attacks from the big risk, but you really should start venturing outside your comfort zone once in a while.


Why is Supergirl on the Final Crisis cover so passive? She looks like she’s calling Wonder Woman to coordinate their costumes.

“A lasso? Oh that’s soooooo 1875. How about a whip? Or did Catwoman call it first?”

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