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Chris Ware’s charity robot T-shirt

Onward Robots!

Onward Robots!

Cartoonist Chris Ware has created a T-shirt that’s currently available at’s T-shirt site to benefit 826michigan, a nonprofit tutoring and writing center in Ann Arbor. It also features a subject near and dear to our hearts.

The shirt is currently $10 with free standard shipping, and after today the price will go up to $15 if there are even any left. So order fast!

Via The Comics Reporter



Yay! I got one! I’m so happy. Thanks for alerting me and therefore letting Christmas arrive early for me this year.

I have a hot new boyfriend that loves robots. He is an excellent artist also. I recently saw a man wearing the lovely “Onward Robots” t-shirt. He was kind enough to tell me about woot and Chris Ware, as well as the 626michigan program. I know my boyfriend is an excellent example of what a man should look like, and therefore he would display the shirt in a very favorable manner. Please consider selling me one of these shirts as a gift for him. I hope the proceeds are still for the benefit of upcoming writers. We would be happy to help out all of the creative children!! As I mentioned before, he is rather good looking, and therefore might inspire others to support your cause as well. Thank you most kindly.


Blair Farmer

p.s. typo above. I meant 826.

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