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Publishing | Wowio, the struggling digital publisher purchased last year by financially troubled Platinum Studios, was sold last month to a holding company formed by Platinum President and COO Brian Altounian. No information is provided about what effect the sale will have on debts owed by Wowio. [Flashback Universe, via Comics Worth Reading]

Publishing | DC Comics Publisher Paul Levitz discusses graphic novels, pricing, digital comics and an industry in transition: “You’re transitioning away from, for lack of a better term, the homespun period of the business. When you had a very small section of graphic novels in the comic shop it was very easy for the proprietor to bet on anything that happened to be in the catalog. It doesn’t matter whether I know anything about the writer, or the artist, you got a good little blurb. When you go to a world in which the large publishers are sending you out a galley version of the graphic novel six months in advance, and is announcing on the back cover the five-step marketing program that they’re doing for it, it’s a lot harder for the little guy who’s launching it from home to do it. Is there still room for a Cartoon Books to do Bone? Sure. But Bone succeeded because it was the combination of really brilliant creativity by Jeff, and a very well-run small business by Jeff and Vijaya.” []

Archie Comics

Archie Comics

Publishing | Archie Comics co-CEOs Jon Goldwater and Nancy Silberkleit talk about serving as caretakers of the family legacy. “One of the things that we’ve maintained for 70 years, and Nancy and I are always going to maintain, is the integrity of the characters,” Goldwater says. [The Journal News]

Publishing | Tom Mason notes that DC Comics, Disney Book Group and Viz Media are hiring. [Comix 411, Comix 411]

Webcomics | Jon Thompson provides a webcomics snapshot, focusing on such cartoonists as Ryan North, Rebecca Clements and Jeph Jacques. [Tech Radar UK]

Spider-Woman motion comic

Spider-Woman motion comic

Digital comics | Johanna Draper Carlson wonders what’s the point of motion comics: “When you add camera tricks and a soundtrack to a comic, is it still a comic? Or just a poor excuse for a cartoon, done on the cheap?” [Comics Worth Reading]

Creators | Steve Bissette is appealing to fans of Thundercats, Silverhawks and Time Spirits to help writer Steve Perry, who has terminal cancer and no means of financial support. Details can be found at the link. [Steve Bissette]

Creators | The publicity push for A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge continues with this interview with cartoonist Josh Neufeld. [The New York Times]

Fab Magazine cover, by J. Bone

Fab Magazine cover, by J. Bone

Creators | Matt Thomas chats with gay creators J. Bone and Phil Jimenez and Hero author Perry Moore about comics and the industry. “Whatever little gay gene I had bubbling up in me as I kid made me be like, ‘Look at Storm in her swimsuit and thigh highs’,” Jimenez says. “I’ve always said superheroes are essentially drag queens: they should always be big, flamboyant, fantastic and larger than life,” [Fab Magazine]

Creators | Julie E. Washington spotlights illustrator P. Craig Russell, the subject of a documentary — Night Music: The Art of P. Craig Russell — that screened last week at the Cleveland Museum of Art. [Plain Dealer]

Creators | Mark Waid talks about his new BOOM! Studios series The Unknown. []

X-Men: Misfits

X-Men: Misfits

Creators | X-Men: Misfits co-writers Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier will chat online live at 2 p.m. Eastern at []

Conventions | The Los Angeles Times looks at the efforts behind D23 Expo, the Comic-Con-like Disney convention that debuts next month in Anaheim, Calif.: “It’s a good time for Disney to reach out to fans — the recession has been bruising, even for a company with a market cap of $49.8 billion. Disney’s profits declined in the most recent quarter with tough times for television advertising, DVD sales and domestic theme park attendance. The film studio posted its first operating loss since 2005, despite the success of Pixar’s Up. Disney’s ABC has also struggled, with declines in summer prime-time viewership landing the network in fourth place.” [Los Angeles Times]

Blogosphere | Tom Spurgeon has begun the monumental task for compiling a list of the best comics of the decade, and is looking for suggestions. [The Comics Reporter]



Seeing as we are only in the 9th year of the decade, perhaps Spurgeon should wait a few months to compile that list.

Here I am once again to offer my ever-unpopular, Anti-Fanboy opinions.

1. If Paul Levitz ever really gave a $#!+ about widening the audience for comics, he wouldn’t have contributed so greatly to the death of newsstand comics by overseeing a line of books that has been geared totally toward fanboys and not at all toward the true mass-market, general audience.

2. If the new executives at Archie truly are going to always maintain the integrity of their characters, then why the hell are they having Archie marry Veronica? That’s almost as stupid and offensive as Marvel killing off Gwen Stacy back in ’73 (although NOTHING could EVER be as stupid and offensive as that). I really hope the whole thing turns out to be just another “imaginary story” or something, so that Archie, the last bastion of integrity in this pathetic, sell-out industry, doesn’t go the same route as Marvel and DC. Hey, I’ve got an idea: they could just make the Archie and Veronica who get married CLONES!! Brilliant!! I should write for Marvel!

3. I’m really sorry to hear that Disney is going to “reach out to fans” with this lame convention idea. Maybe they should say “suck up to fanboys”. The whole reason Disney HAS a “market cap of $49.8 billion” is because they produce products that appeal to the MASSES, not to a tiny clique of inbred retards (sorry Brian, I guess you’ll have to censor that).

Have a nice day.

– “I did one convention panel where I looked down at the end of the panel and I noticed the entire panel was straight, fat white guys, that’s what we’re fighting against,” insists Perry Moore…

Classy. I was at the”Gays in Comics” panel at SDCC, and I have never, in my 19 years at SDCC, seen someone float their own boat as much as Moore did.

I’m as uninterested in reading about the gay desires of a comic character as I am about reading about the straight desires of a comic character. I don’t want to see scenes explaining how Superman uses the toilet either or explanations of what the Hulk eats. There’s enough of that boring, uneventful crap in real life. But I never get to see a muscular chick in leather throw a guy with 4 arms and a pair of horns through a city bus in real life. It’s called escapism.

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