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Harvey Awards

Harvey Awards

Awards | Tomorrow is the deadline for industry professionals to vote for the 2009 Harvey Awards. [The Harvey Awards]

Events | Stephanie Wright Hession previews the “Monsters of Webcomics” exhibit, which opens tonight at San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum. [SFGate]

Comics | Oliver Ho offers an in-depth comparison of Dylan Dog and Hellboy: “As characters, they could be satanic siblings, or infernal in-laws: Hellboy, the Hades-born offspring of a witch and a demon; and Dylan Dog, in love with an undead woman who was likely his mother, and battling his nemesis, the devil, who could be his father. Despite their fantastic and often horrific circumstances, at heart each character is a working-class hero, just trying to get the job done.” [PopMatters]

Creators | Editorial cartoonist Mike Lane is recovering from open-heart surgery. [Daryl Cagle]

Viking #3

Viking #3

Creators | Ivan Brandon talks about his Image Comics series Viking. [Metro Pulse]

Creators | Brian Heater kicks off a multi-part interview with Jordan Crane. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Kevin de Vlaming profiles Papercut creator Michael Cho. [The Fabler]

Creators | Evan Dorkin assesses the work and legacy of Roy Thomas: “He … brought in the Geek Age of Comics, where the fans inherited everything and took it all way too seriously/personally.” [Livejournal]

Creators | Chris Marshall posts a podcast interview with Steve Saffel, editor of The Best of Simon and Kirby. [Collected Comics Library]

Mercy Thompson: Homecoming

Mercy Thompson: Homecoming

Creators | Author Patricia Briggs briefly discusses bringing her Mercy Thompson character to comics with Homecoming. [Suvudu]

Blogosphere | Bully continues “Jack Kirby Week” with a look at “The Kirby Triple” — “a single row of three panels that bring a cinematic air to your four-color comic book.” [Comics Oughta Be Fun]

Fandom | Mike Romo explains how he decides which comics to give away. [iFanboy]



The title of the blog linked to in the second-to-last byte is Comics Oughta Be Fun!. Not to be confused or amalgamated with Comics Should Be Good.

Comics oughta be fun AND good. Kirby’s comics almost always were both. Modern superhero comics are never either. They’re just depressing and bad.

Not all modern comics are depressing and bad. It’s like the internet — if you go by how loud and angry some folks are it seems like everybody hates everything. There are a good bunch of fun books out there but they just don’t get the press of, say, a book that has a joke about a three-way or another that kills off a long-running, beloved character. Or one with zombies. Isn’t that what Blackest Night is basically doing? Never really thought about it that way, but it’s kind of like zombies with power rings, huh?

Have a good day.
John Cage

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