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Evan Dorkin still loves you, Beth Cooper

Evan Dorkin art from I Love You, Beth Cooper

Evan Dorkin art from I Love You, Beth Cooper

Although the movie didn’t last long in theaters, the original book I Love You, Beth Cooper, I understand, is supposed to be pretty good. Over on his blog, Evan Dorkin posts a few comic pages he did for the re-release of the novel that accompanied the theatrical bomb. He’s also giving away copies of the book.

“How to win: It’s easy! Tell me why you chose to not see I Love You, Beth Cooper. Or, tell me why you did see it (!?!), and let us know what you thought of it. Be honest, it wasn’t my movie, the project’s been very kind to me but I have nothing to do with the film, so it can go screw a sailor as far as I’m concerned,” he wrote. “I’ll pick a few folks to send a book to based on the replies and my capricious whims.”



The book honestly is good… I was working part time at a bookstore, for fun and discounts, when it came out and I read a galley of it. Nothing deep just good fun.

Anyhow, like most people I did not see the movie. I heard that Hayden Pantierre (sp?) goes nude though. That might just earn it a spot in the Netflix queue.

It’s an awesome book seriously. if you are at the age of the main characters going through the same things, you sort of understand and it gets sort of deep for you, the movie though it does stay very true to the book doesn’t do it justice, because it’s just one of those books that can’t be put into a movie. The emotion dennis feels can never be transfered into the movie, his thoughts, and how he feels about everything, but the movies cast does do the book justice except Dennis he’s the only one I’d recast.

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