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Follow the path of The Walking Dead using Google Maps

"The Walking Dead" Google Map

"The Walking Dead" Google Map

A fan of The Walking Dead has plotted out the events of the Robert Kirkman-Charlie Adlard zombie/survivalist series using Google Maps. Now you can follow along as Rick awakens from his coma, the survivors take (brief) refuge in Wiltshire Estates and assorted characters die or, yes, have sex.

No event is too small to escape this fan’s notice!

(via Image Comics)



I…I…sweet Jesus, I love this.

Someone has WAY too much time on their hands…

I do have WAY too much time, but it took only a few weeks to put together. Now that it’s up to date, I can rest.
Glad people are digging it.

I for one thing that Jason (aka Dead_Geek) has taken fandom to a whole new level… well done sir

Anyway, you can post a larger pic so I can zoom in?

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