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Heroes, Season 4: Greater evil, greater good … greater cleavage?

"Heroes" Season 4 poster

"Heroes" Season 4 poster

James Hibberd has the promotional poster for the fourth season of NBC’s Heroes, in which Claire Bennett apparently becomes Power Girl.

I’m not sure which is more distracting, the Star Trek-style lens flare over Spock’s Sylar’s shoulder, or — wait, no, I’m sure. Eyes forward, Hiro.



It’s gonna take a lot more than that to lure viewers back to this dog.

The post reminds me of DVD cover art for an infinitely better series:

Hiro and Lee seems to have the same problem…

Mr. Quinto? For the love of all that is good, go to Paramount and sign to do six films as Spock and QUIT HEROES before it’s too late!

Well, the cleavage hardly seems as large as Power Girl’s is always drawn, but it’s still pretty crass. I mean, yeah, Hayden’s way hot and all, but I have to agree with Aaron that it’s hardly going to win viewers back to that crap show. I ‘d bet the 4th season of Heroes will also be the last.

Quinto definitely has a better gig going with Trek, even if I don’t care for seeing the original series/cast being remade. I don’t think it’ll last six movies though. The current film apparently captured something that people wanted, but the new Trek will eventually collapse under its own weight, just like it did before. That, and people will eventually wise up to Orci and Kurtzmann’s bad writing.

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