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Ray Harryhausen and BlueWater Productions part ways (Updated)

Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans

Sources associated with Ray Harryhausen and BlueWater Productions confirmed that they are no longer collaborating on comics based on Harryhausen’s works. The partnership ended in May.

Darren G. Davis, head of Bluewater Productions, said that BlueWater chose not to renew the contracts.

According to Harryhausen’s representative, they have no plans to move the properties to another publisher.

BlueWater began publishing comics based on the works of the filmmaker in 2006, including Jason and the Argonauts, Wrath of the Titans and Sinbad, Rogue of Mars.

Thanks to CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland, who contributed to this post.

Update: In response to the above, Ray Harryhausen’s representative contacted CBR again and said, “In fact, it was Ray Harryhausen, and Ray Harryhausen alone who decided, for reasons I cannot disclose, not to renew the contract. Saying otherwise is simply not true.”



no shizzer, that’s a bad news

This story should be called Revenge of the Kraken.

Now it gets interesting. Who dropped who and why?

I have nothing to say here.

Having worked for Bluewater in the past, and on one of the RH books, I can only guess that it’s Darren who is fibbing.

But I sure am thinking a lot.

That’s a real shame — both that the titles are gone and also that someone is lying about who decided to end the books. Why not just give a no comment?

Maybe Harryhausen terminated the deal because the comcis were so badly drawn. There’s a lot of talented artists working in comics today, even for the smallest independent, but Bluewater seemed incapable of finding anyone good to draw the interiors and depended solely on having well drawn covers. Every time I tried one of their Harryhausen comics the interior art was crude and amateurish.

Got to agree. I’m a Harryhausen fan and I looked at these books but the art in them was so awful it was totally off-putting. Very cheap and amateurish.

Well, I was wondering when Harryhausen would wisen up. Davis and Bluewater are a bunch of sharks and exploit young talent. There are many artists who have worked with BW in the past that have not seen a dime! Its a wonder the lid hasn’t been blown off Davis’ shady dealings. It’s sickening to see such big names such as William Shatner, Oprah, Hillary Clinton and the Obamas etc associated with this rogue. I wonder what they would say if they knew the truth about how Bluewater really operated.

maybe not enough revenue in it for both parties to continue. Sad not to see his imagination in the realm of comics, but maybe he’ll sign with someone else.

Hopefully Harryhausen’s properties will be taken up elsewhere. The man’s a legend, and his creative output is perfect for comic adaptations. It’s a pity Bluewater doesn’t seem to treat the creatives very well, as I know plenty of artists and writers who would love to be able to explore this material. The Sinbad book was excellent, but I have to agree with the above critiques for the rest of their titles.

I work for Darren and I know for a fact Harryhausens rep is the one lying, he got sick of dealing with how hardheaded and stubborn he was so rather than deal with him ( we never got to speak to Mr. Harryhausen , we always had to talk to his rep ) Darren just decided to let the books go, that and only a few of them were selling well. ngot enough to keep the licence.

Maybe Harryhausen got tired of the many artistic changes Darren G Davis does every time an artists drops out for not getting paid (I’m one of those artists, and I know of a lot more)

A decision well made on Ray’s part. Those comics lacked the aesthetic and imagination worthy of bearing the Harryhausen name. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

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