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SLG brings the Winchester Mystery House to comics

Dan Vado and Drew Rausch are working on a new series called Winchester, which is about wealthy widow Sarah Winchester and the insane house she built, and built, and built, over the course of 38 years in San Jose, Calif. Legend has it that the house was haunted by the ghosts of all the people killed with Winchester rifles, and the only way to appease them was for the house to be continuously under construction.

SLG Publishing had some of the artwork from the book at their booth in San Diego, and it looked pretty amazing. You can check out what it’ll look like for yourself right here:

Winchester #1 trailer from SLG Publishing on Vimeo.

For more information on the comic, read the full press release from SLG.



The subject matter certainly is interesting, but this approach doesn’t, um, look like it will be for me.

I mean sheesh, all they need is a microbus and a big cartoon dog.

I have one serious misgiving about this entire project: I really wish to God I’d thought of it first.

My brother and I went to the Winchester House on two different vacations when we were kids. It was like: “Disneyland? Yeah, sounds okay — but I wanna see the ghosts at the Winchester Mystery House!!” I’m very, very excited to read this.

And unlike Wraith’s comment above, I like the style and presentation. Looking forward to it, even as I (privately, politely, respectfully) gnash my teeth that someone beat me to it.

Everyone interested in this should watch the movie “Rose Red“.

All I remember is the Swamp Thing issue.



I’ve been to the Winchester Mystery House (on Halloween at night, no less) and it was EXTREMELY disappointing. It’s just a dusty old house with lots of random rooms and an odd staircase that “goes nowhere”. It’s not really spooky with 100s of people tromping around through it. And the tour is basically like “and here’s another randomly added room….and here’s yet another one…..and another one….and another one….”

That seriously dampens any enthusiasm for the story, but there is a good story in there and the very Templesmith-like art does look appealing. If it turns out decent, I’ll pick up the trade.

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