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Take an early look at Longbox Digital comics

Longbox Digital CEO Rantz Hoseley has posted a video, labeled as a “Pre-Beta Screencast,” that demonstrates some of the features of the much-discussed digital-comics platform.

Announced in June at HeroesCon, Longbox has been billed as “iTunes for comics.” It will feature 99-cent downloads of comics from such publishers as Archaia, BOOM! Studios and Top Cow Productions and creators like Richard Starkings, Ivan Brandon, Jonathan Hickman, Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen. Longbox is set to launch in October.



In the part about coupons, there’s an example where you can get a free issue of Uncanny X-Men. Random example, or is Marvel joining up?

It’s a random example from a much earlier demo that should have been removed, but I failed to catch it. It is not indicative of any deal with Marvel.

Ah, shame. But the demo still looks good.

It looks interesting, but until Marvel and DC are involved I can not see it really taking off.

Why wait on Longbox’s beta when you can buy digital comics and be reading them today?’s store is open to the public and already seeing a nice mix of publishers and sales.

Forgive the shameless plug, but digital comics aren’t about tomorrow, they’re about today!

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