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Ted Kennedy dies … and Bluewater announces a biography

Political Power: Ted Kennedy

Political Power: Ted Kennedy

In what likely will be viewed as either extremely poor timing or a crass grab for cash, Bluewater Productions yesterday announced its biography of long-ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy mere hours before his death.

The 77-year-old Massachusetts senator was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May 2008, and lived longer than his doctors expected.

In a statement issued this morning, Bluewater President Darren G. Davis said the biography’s announcement “was in no way tied to the Senator’s declining health and ultimate passing.”

“When Bluewater planned out the first year of biographies, Kennedy’s name was always at the top of the list,” Davis said. “In fact, this issue has been in production since March and was solicited to retail shops through our national distributor in June. We will, of course, pay final respects to this American icon by adding a page to the completed issue to close the last chapter of his remarkable life.”

Set for release in November, the biography is part of the publisher’s Political Power series that has showcased such figures as President Obama, Vice President Biden, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and President Reagan.

In June, Bluewater announced a “special collector’s edition” biography of Michael Jackson just four days after the pop star’s death — a move that drew more than a few negative comments.



Frakking ghouls.

While it may not have been “tied to the Senator’s declining health and ultimate passing,” they certainly knew he was in poor shape and recently missed a number of events due to declining health. This was widely reported. To simply say the timing is bad would be disingenuous. The man was not expected to live much longer, so they knew what was coming. Holding it until after his untimely death would have been more appropriate.


You make a huge assumption. You must realize it takes six months to put out a book. This particular issue was solicited to Diamond in June and was written back in March right after the initial success of the Palin and Clinton bios. The release was written a two days ago and was on Bluewater’s monthly release schedule(I should know, I wrote it). You have a right to think what you will, but I can honestly say that the only thing BW can be accused of in this instance is bad timing.

And Alan, grow up. And stop using childish TV-created curse words. If you want a civilized debate, I am available. If all you want to do (as you usually do), is crack wise, then by all means show the world your level of intelligence.



Do you think Bluewater will ever expand the length of their bio comics? I’m thrilled to see political and biographical comics that have found a niche market. However, the brevity of each issue leaves me hard pressed to think a thorough and effective exploration of someone’s entire political career can be captured. It seems like these would be better served as graphic novels, or even graphic novellas (to steal the term used for several Warren Ellis projects for Avatar). Unless they are intended to be a lighter weight overview. In that case, maybe lengthier isn’t necessary.



You’re right. It is really tough to fit 77 years of someone’s life into 23 pages…especially if you want to get the full measure of a person. Now from experience (I wrote the upcoming Al Gore bio for January), I glossed over chunks of Gore’s political achievements and focused more on what makes him tick. I will leave it to people like you to tell me whether it is a successful book or not. I certainly learned a lot from my research and could have easily done 100 pages.

I really like the idea of an expanded format. I will pass it along to Darren Davis.

But I think you may also be rigfht in that you and I are not the targeted market for these books. Whereas they are not intended to be lightweight, per se, it seems they seem to skew to a younger audience who may not know anything about the subject. But again, each writer is given leeway as to how and what material is presented. Some are more successful than others.


Thanks for the response, Scott.

The younger target audience makes sense. More introductory. I don’t know if it’s a good fit, but I wonder if history/social studies classes in elementary schools would be interested in them.

Good luck on the Al Gore issue!


zonefish —

Stop trying to pretend you want a discussion. When your response uses the phrase “…then by all means show the world your level of intelligence.”, it shows you are not wanting a discussion.

My intelligence is not of importance at this time. My anger and disgust at Bilgewater is.

I used frakking out of respect to those who might be offended by the actual word. But I wouldn’t hesitate to use the actual word if we were having a ace-to-face conversation.

Frakking ghouls.

Other than the fact that Kennedy was dying from brain cancer, there was no reason to make a comic book about him. You may have made a bunch of money making comic books about current Presidential hopefuls, but there would have been no demand for a Kennedy comic book without the cancer that was killing him.

Ghouls, I say again. Making money on the dead or dying. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.


So it’s obvious you cannot be reasoned with. It is well known you have an axe to grind against Bluewater. I know that Darren has reached out to you and you have ignored any all overtures. So if you want to play it out on a blog…so be it.. You are a crank. You offer nothing but vitriol , assumptions and speak from a position of ignorance.

So let’s start…”other than the fact that Kennedy was dying of brain cancer there was no reason to make a comic book about him.” Really? You may not agree with his politics but he is one of the most influential Senators in the last century. Time precludes me from listing his numerous accomplishments (and failures), but suffice to say he is deserving of this, or any other biography.

Second, this announcement comes six months after BW started production on the book in March. Unless we’re psychic, we could not predict the Senator would pass away the day of the announcement. If you think otherwise, that’s your opinion, albeit an incorrect one. Did we know he was ill? Of course, that’s obvious. Was he chosen because of it and did it influence any type of fast tracking to capitalize on the news? No. You may choose not believe it, but it is true nonetheless.

Third…there is no demand for such a book…: I am willing to let the market decide. But according to you BW is making “a bunch of money,” so therefore there must be a market. Just because a comic doesn’t conform to your narrow and highly biased view of what it should be, doesn’t mean it is any less of a viable product.

Lastly, for now…you and I will not see eye to eye on what you inaccurately perceive as ghoulishness, and your predisposition to rail against anything Bluewater produces is not likely to end with anything I say.

zonefish, who is Darren?

He is the president of Bluewater

Cool. I always like to know whose enemies list I am on. That makes 3 this week. That makes 4 altogether, counting my ex wife.

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