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The real crime was the hat

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

Superfun Adventuretime is no doubt getting a lot of hits due to this post by “Yellow Hat Guy,” a.k.a. Ryan Coons, at the Chicago Comic Con this weekend. After demanding an apology from Rob Liefeld for his work on the 1990s Marvel event “Heroes Reborn,” Coons bought a copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way and left it in a bag on Liefeld’s table. He said he inscribed a note to Liefeld in it that included his email address and cell phone number in case Liefeld wanted to contact him with that apology.

The comments field includes both supporters and critics, with some folks calling Coons names and others offering him words of encouragement. Artist Cameron Stewart fell into the “not amused” camp:

I’m a professional comic artist, and I attend conventions often. Most of the time the experience I have with fans is pleasant and courteous, but there’s usually one or two who are so clueless of how to interact with people in a respectful and polite manner that it spoils the otherwise fun day. So you don’t like Rob Liefeld, big deal. His work isn’t to my tastes either but I would never dream of trying to publicly humiliate him in person. He’s taken the time and expense to come to that show to ply his trade – just as you work at your job – and interact with the people who DO appreciate his work and presence. He’s not there for you to be snide and condescending and to be the recipient of your asinine, half-witted pranks. I’m sure you got a big kick out of it (I love how you describe yourself as shaking and sweaty because you “can’t process that much awesome” instead of it being because you’re cowardly and nervous), and you probably high-fived your friends and giggled all the way home to write your smug blog report, but what you did was classless and childish. I guarantee you that this blog post is making the rounds of the pro community (another pro artist forwarded it to me, and *not* because he thought it was a hilarious prank), and thanks to your readily-identifiable yellow hat, you’ve marked yourself as someone to avoid at cons. Well done.

Via David Brothers

Update: Liefeld offers his account of the incident via Twitter. “Guy looked like someone I wouldn’t trust around my kids, could barely speak, almost pee’d his pants, and now he’s bold. I don’t thinks so,” he tweeted, followed by, “And I love that the video doesn’t match his descriptions. I’m smiling. Because that’s what i do. I’m always smiling.”

Also, Liefeld gave the copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way to Marat Mychaels, whose copy was lost in a house fire.



The funniest part of that thread is all the clueless losers who are high-fiving Mr. Yellow Hat for having the “cojones” to confront Liefeld. Like it takes an incredible amount of inner strength and determination to be an entitled, passive-aggressive fanboy.

On the bright side, this is probably the high point of this guy’s life. He’s lived out the dream of every message board troll. It’s a tale he can tell his grandkids one day.

And on the other hand, looking at Yellow Hat’s punk’d video, Rob pretty much shrugged off the entire situation quickly and when back to sketching. Because as an important a moment it was to Yellow Hat, in reality he was just another fan with a weird obsession with Rob’s art. Not the first, not the last, not that special.

As a reader, not a ‘fan’, of comics I have yet to understand the convention mentality in general, this type of thing takes it to an entirely new level.

Granted, Rob Liefeld is as talentless as they get, but I must say I envy the guy, he’s found away to do something he likes, (in a way that does not please me at all) and make a living at it, better than a living, probably. Good for him. He hasn’t gotten a cent from me in about 15 years, I bought the first issue of Youngblood, I think.

When I don’t like something, I’ll say so, I don’t feel the need to pretend to prove the writer or artist ‘wrong’. It’s not a right or wrong choice, it’s a ‘I don’t much care for that. Won’t read it anymore.” choice.

And like most ‘fans’ this guy, his supporters, and his detractors need to grow the hell up.

(That said, musicals are pure evil and a threat to humanity’s continued existence. It’ll all be detailed in my book “The Musical Apocalypse”.)

I thought i would appreciate someone making fun of Rob Liefeld, who to me is the personified embossed variant cover and splash page only comic book artist responsible for all the rampant boobs and muscles of the 90s.
But i don’t.
I admit, i had to read the yellow hat guy’s blog to realize how embarrasingly lame his prank was. Thank you for putting in all the gleeful detail.

But even if it had been a better prank, Cameron Stewart is right and Rob Liefeld made the effort to go to the con and meet with fans. Maybe even hear some critic’s opinion. But not to get humiliated.
I guess i forgot that artists are just normal people.

Agreed about the hat.

Nuff’ said.

Crap. First town hall meetings, now this. I hate it when politics get into my fandom.

This type of nonsense needs to stop, on all levels.

On the other hand, something we hear time and time again is that the kind of jerks who spout off on message boards and blogs and things never have the balls to confront a creator they don’t like in person. As far as I can tell, Jeph Loeb is the most reviled creator in super-hero comics today. But do you think anyone at Chicago had the balls to tell him “Ultimatum sucked” to his face?

But this guy takes on somebody who hasn’t done anything relevant in over 10 years. Bad form, dude. Bad form.

According to Liefeld’s twitter, this kid is a lot braver in his blog than he was in person.

If one were really going to challenge Liefeld, one would simply ask him to draw a human foot.

Just one human foot.

He’d probably break down into tears.

Liefeld’s best move at this moment would be to shut his fat yap. Posting that a person looks like a child molester is actionable. “Guy looked like someone I wouldn’t trust around my kids…”

(In case Liefeld reads this: “actionable” means that you could be sued for defamation of character.)

This is like Liefeld’s Frost/Nixon moment: I’m actually starting to like they guy now.

I’ve got to agree with Liefeld. They guy does look like someone I wouldn’t trust around my kid either. (And there’s nothing actionable about stating that. )

What a frigging loser.

“Blackballed from any company *I*I ever work at. RT @McKelvie — This guy is a jackass. Zero respect in my book.”

I agree with neither of them. Yes, I know… a different approach. The truth’s somewhere in the middle of all of this. I don’t agree with Hat Guy’s slinkiness for lack of a better term But I also don’t agree with Liefeld badmouthing the fan in the aftermath with the implication that HatGuy could be a child molester.

With any luck, since this is the internet, everyone will be caught up in something else within the next day.

around 200 comments on his blog. Things will return to normal tomorrow and he’ll be back down to the nearly complete anonymity and his only claim to fame will be that one time he was a cowardly asshole.

I just wanted to point out that “Guy looked like someone I wouldn’t trust around my kids” doesn’t necessarily imply pedophilia, just irresponsibility.

What a scumbag! Everyone has a right to not like a comic, but that doesn’t give him the right to do what he did at a con.

This is facebook page btw –
Think all comic creators should have a mugshot on their desk at cons and refuse to serve him, he gives fans a bad name.

wow, what an a$$hole! he thinks hes all brave and cool just because he put a trade or comic on liefields table. wow anyone can do that. why doesn’t he just go back to his blog that no one reads.
btw, when did liefield say he looked like a child molester? he just said he wouldn’t trust him with his kids, that just means he looks weird or strange. and judging from that ugly yellow hat i would say he does look strange.

Liefeld should’ve at least kept the book… He might’ve learned a few things from it.

If the book sucks so bad, don’t go blaming Liefield. Your beef is with the publisher who read the proofs and said, “Yes. This is acceptable. Let’s put this on shelves.”

Those guys never get called on anything. Also, try finding someone at a convention and bought the book, and starting a fight. See where that gets you.

Dis Liefield, and apparently he keeps smiling. Start a campaign to his boss to get him/her to fire awful artists, then he probably won’t be smiling anymore. Just an idea.

Or, y’know, you could simply not buy his books.

There’s a general rule when you decide to stick your art on the web, or on a page, or anywhere in the public eye: You will never make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time. I don’t care for his work myself, but I would NEVER insult the man in public, let alone at a convention. This was rude, tactless, and completely unnecessary.

he’s a comic book artist,and your going to try to humiliate him in public because you disagree’d with his work in the 1990’s?
if you dont like a particular comic book artist then dont bother reading what they write or draw and find another artist or writer and stick with them.
i watched the video of you laying the bag on the table and it is funny how what you say about the incident and what is on the video are totally different.
did you have the balls to directly to him? no
why did you have to put it in a bag?
why didnt you have the balls to hand the book directly to him and stand there and watch him open it and read the senseless babbling bullshit you wrote inside the cover?
you looked like a goofy fucker in that yellow hat and your behavior towards liefield more than makes it official.
you should be banned from conventions for being a idiot with no balls.

But… But you guys hate Liefeld right? You were supposed to shower this champion of good taste with praises like “Yeah man!” and “You tell him dude!” and “Ha ha I wanted to do that for a long time!” right? Come on! This guy has only done one thing in his life that merits praise and attention! You should hoist him up on your shoulders and carry him down the halls chanting his name, right?

And now we’re back to reality. How pathetic. This guy probably has a Travis Bickle poster on his bedroom wall.


Liefeld has done enough douchy things to expect that kind of crap from people who are equally douchy.

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