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You, too, can tweet like Warren Ellis

From Talk Like Warren Ellis

From Talk Like Warren Ellis

Chad Nevett points us to Talk Like Warren Ellis, a website that “randomly generates a Warren Ellis-like greeting” based on his Twitter posts. Do with it what you will, you, um, evil disturbing love stoats of the Internet?

Update: Nevett notes it was Ellis himself who made the discovery, pledging, “I Must Destroy These People.”



Mysterious Stranger

August 27, 2009 at 11:30 am

“Good night my spurting love monkeys.” With gems like this why am I not following Warren Ellis?! Adding him to my Twitter and this site to my bookmarks.

To be fair, I got the link from Ellis’s website.

This just made my day, and it works much better than other sites of this type.

I believe this finally satisfies the conditions of the “Turing Test”.

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