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A tale of two statues: a ‘dominating’ Thor and a ‘sultry’ Scarlet Witch

Kotobukiya statues of Thor and the Scarlet Witch

Kotobukiya statues of Thor and the Scarlet Witch

Unless there’s a lot online discussion about an item, I usually don’t pay much attention to high-priced statues based on comic characters. It’s obviously a lucrative business, one that sometimes targets very specific tastes, but I have no interest in shelling out $50 for, say, a Supergirl mini-bust.

However, occasionally something catches my eye, if not necessarily for the intended reasons.

A few months ago famed Japanese collectibles-manufacturer Kotobukiya launched its Marvel Bishojo (“pretty girl”) Collection of statues designed by Shunya Yamashita, who’s well-known for his illustrations of busty young women in provocative poses.

Between the name of the line and the name of the artist, you have a pretty good idea what you’re in for: Black Widow, her cleavage in full view and perched atop impossibly tall stilettos,  posing with a gun; Rogue, showing off her “voluptuous curves” as she activates her comlink or maybe cups her ear to sing; and Scarlet Witch as she … well, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Look, Yamashita is incredibly talented, and the statues are well-crafted. Kotobukiya will likely sell a ton of them, as there’s obviously a market for pricey figurines of curvy superheroines in odd and “sexy” stances. And there’s nothing really wrong with that, I suppose.

But what made me take notice this morning was a pair of releases from Kotobukiya announcing details of the Scarlet Witch bishojo statue and the Thor “fine art” statue. The timing and proximity make it difficult not to compare the two (unfairly or no).

One one hand we have the god of thunder “in the midst of battle, swinging the hammer Mjollnir against the foes of Asgard. … The hero’s intense expression and dynamic pose clearly shows his power and battle prowess!”

On the other we have Wanda Maximoff, who “leaps right off of the comic book page in a relaxed flying pose, while she coyly points to her lips in a sultry manner.” Yes, read that last bit again.

I’ll overlook the improbability of someone leaping in a relaxed way, but her “math is hard” pose is more difficult to ignore. Black Widow and Rogue may not be battling foes, like the $200 Thor, but at least they’re doing something. (In the case of Rogue, I’m not exactly sure what that something is, but at least she’s not just pointing — coyly or otherwise.)

But, hey, maybe next year Kotobukiya will release a statue of Thor swinging his hammer in, um, a sultry manner. Yeah, probably not.



Thor’s original outfit was often drawn to look so tightly cinched that he ended up as smooth as a Ken doll below the waist. With that sort of heritage to pull from I’m not surprised the thunder god isn’t normally viewed as a sexual being. It’s no wonder he’s swinging his hammer with such “an intense expression”; it’s all poor guy can do.

Violence is sexy. I wouldn’t mind less vapid posing and more action flexing.

There’s a very narrow view of what’s attractive and I think that’s what gets me most.

To most of the posters on CBR, that Thor hammer swing is uber sultry.

I think you are reading too much into this…have you ever read a manga?

That Thor statue was JUST released this week, it’s amazing.

I read that Kotobukiya was also releasing a line of Marvel women that weren’t sexy anime versions but don’t quote me on that.

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