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Disney Digital Books

Disney Digital Books

Publishing | Disney is taking its children’s storybooks digital with a subscription-based website that features electronic versions of more than 500 of the company’s titles, from Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree to High School Musical. Online-exclusive content will be added by the end of the year.

The move by Disney, which sells 250 million children’s books each year, seems to signal a belief that online subscriptions, and not devices like Kindle, is the direction in which this corner of the industry is heading. [The New York Times]

Conventions | Paid admissions to last weekend’s Small Press Expo were 1,772, up 19 percent over the previous year. Heidi MacDonald and Sean T. Collins file their reports from the show. [SPX]

Conventions | Brigid Alverson, Erin Finnegan and Ada Price reports on the announcements and upbeat mood at New York Anime Festival. [PW Comics Week]

Mid-Ohio Con

Mid-Ohio Con

Conventions | Mid-Ohio Con will be held Saturday and Sunday at the Great Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Guests include Michael Golden, Bernie Wrightson, Dick Ayers, Art Baltazar, Jacob Chabot, Mark Evanier, Ron Frenz, Mike Grell, Fred Hembeck, Lora Innes, Barry Kitson, Scott Kolins, David Mack, Sean McKeever, Josh Medors, P. Craig Russell, Chris Sprouse, Mark Sumerak, Len Wein and Marv Wolfman. [Uweekly]

Publishing | Tomoya Ishikawa looks at the reception the manga adaptation of Mein Kampf has received. [The Asahi Shimbun]

Publishing | Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort answers seven questions about storytelling, editing, event comics and the publisher’s Avengers titles. [The Vault]

Organizations | Hero Initiative memberships are now available for 2010. [The Hero Initiative]

Sales charts | John Jackson Miller hops in the Wayback Machine to revisit the top-selling titles for August through the years. [The Comichron]

Comic strips | has announced the quarterfinalists in its “Comic Strip Superstar” contest. [The Daily Cartoonist]

M.O.D.O.K., by Vasquez

M.O.D.O.K., by Vasquez

Creators | Sean T. Collins talks with Jhonen Vasquez about his M.O.D.O.K. story in Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology miniseries: “I remember my brother was a huge hero comics collector when I was a kid, and though I would read the books he had, the ones that really attracted me were the ones that were essentially just page after page of character bios. There were freakish characters in there that I’d rarely see in the books, and the grotesque villains, like M.O.D.O.K., were always my favorites for how unpleasant and fantastic their origins and forms were. Something about villains whose origins are victim stories just makes them way more interesting to me than the average bad guy, and when that victim is transformed into a repulsive, bloated head in a floating helmet/chair, there’s just no end to good times.” []

Creators | Singer-actor-model Tyrese Gibson discusses dipping his toe into the comics pool with Mayhem. []

Crime | Heck, I couldn’t even get my local comic shop to order a title for me, let alone store my weed. [The Examiner]



That Vault link doesn’t work for me, something about ‘malicious code’. I blame the Cabal.

Try it again now.

So this guy Miles ran a local comic store here in College Park called “Collector’s Crypt” that switched locations a couple times. His last location ended up in a converted house. We made fun of the fact that in later years Miles added some interesting items to his stock like vitamin supplements and muscle builders.

I’m trying to find out more details now, but I can’t help but assume it was Collector’s Crypt that the marijuana was stored under. There are a total of 2 comic stores in College Park and only one would be referred to as a house. That’s pretty wild.

I think the real story of that Tyrese interview is his comic being up on iTunes. It looks like it’s bundled with a single. If you buy the entire LP/album for $1.99, you get the entire comic digitally plus other bonuses (you can apparently read the comic with or without voice-over narration and sound effects). At first I thought it was a motion comic but it doesn’t sound like it is. Unfortunately there’s no way to sample it before buying.

Anyway, hopefully this is a first in iTunes figuring out a way to make comics available. Several companies have figured out how to get comics on the iPhone. There seems to be a race as to who can become the “iTunes for comics”. Well if we can get comics on iTunes (but without having them paired with a song or some other media), then that I think will be a big win.

The Asahi Shimbun link takes me to a WordPress login page for CBR.

I found the Tyrese interview both illuminating and factually suspect. I wrote a little song about it because of that.

The owner came to the door and said, “Thank God it’s you guys. If the Feds knew how much drugs I had in the basement they’d seize this house.” The agents replied, “good thing they aren’t here.”

That line made me laugh. It sounds like this happened many years ago in the text of the article. It’s hard to tell though.

Y’know who else is in Ohio this weekend (and Monday)? Neil Gaiman.

No, really. He is!

Neil Gaiman is in Cleveland on Sunday and in Toledo on Monday.

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