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Congratulations to Lauren Weinstein and Tim Hodler


The Goddess of War cartoonist and Comics Comics editor and critic are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl, Ramona Salley Hodler. Congrats to the whole family and here’s hoping you get some sleep in the days ahead.


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Speaking as a mother whose “baby” just turned fifteen, they may not get a lot of sleep, at least Lauren may not, for at least 12 years. I was just starting to be able to get more rest and focus more on my work as my older son turned 11, when I got pregnant again. As little sleep as she may get, however, Lauren is blessed, as is Tim. Their lives have now changed forever, as mine and my husband’s lives did. We can’t imagine anything else. My best wishes to both parents, may Ramona bring them joy. (Although, if she grows up anything like Ramona in Beverly Cleary’s books, she will keep them on their toes at all times.)

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