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Crayon Shin-chan creator dies in climbing accident

Crayon Shin-chan, Vol. 8

Crayon Shin-chan, Vol. 8

Authorities in Japan have identified the body of Crayon Shin-chan creator Yoshito Usui, who had been missing since Sept. 11.

The body was discovered Saturday morning about 120 meters below a cliff at Mount Arafune, where the 51-year-old Usui had gone on one of his regular climbs. Police say the mangaka died from collapsed lungs and other injuries sustained in the fall on the afternoon of Sept. 11.

The popular Crayon Shin-chan, which debuted in 1990, follows the adventures of a rude, crude and rambunctious 5-year-old boy in Usui’s hometown of Kasukabe who’s obsessed with bodily functions and older girls. The manga was adapted as an animated television series in 1992, and has spawned 17 anime films.

Japanese publisher Futabasha will continue to serialize Crayon Shin-chan in Manga Town magazine until November. The fate of the anime series is unknown.

The manga is published in North America by DC Comics’ CMX imprint.



I can’t believe it! How could he die?Now there will be no more Shin Chan episodes!

No way!Now there will be no more Shin Chan Episodes!

Shinchan makes Bart Simpson look like Jimmy Carter.
Two words: elephant dance

Damn. One of the best. This is the worst possible news.

OMG i cant believe it!!
I used to hate the cartoon cause it was weirdly drawn but fell in love with it after i gave it a chance..
DAMN :'(

Had a bad feeling days ago when they released the news that they couldn’t find him and he was a regular climber.
Thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and loved ones as well as all of the fans who will be missin him and his creations.

How. . . unexpected.

This is sad. Prayers and condolences to his family and friends.

So sad… His stories were wildly funny: I recall reading the manga and having to repress my laughter while reading a story. I also remember the anime in which Shin-Chan learns how to be a good skater from a flamboyant drag-queen… OMG…Didn’t I LAUGH with that one!

If only the fictional mountaineers created for manga by Shinichi Ishizuha (“Gaku”) or Jiro taniguchi (“Summit of the gods”) had been there to help…

This is really sad news. I grew up reading the manga. My good friend who was Japanese used to bring them in and let me borrow them. I couldn’t read it, but he would tell me what they were saying. Really good times.

What a damn shame. I’m not a fan or anything – I’m more unfamiliar with his work than anything – but I was still hoping he’d be found alive. I hope his family and friends make it through this trying time alright.

This is horrible. I love Crayon Shin Chan.

NOOOOOO!!!! I was not expecting this. This is terrible Crayon Shin Chan is one of my favorite manga’s and both the japanese & americanized anime are brilliant! This is a sad day.

I’m sorry to hear that the creative mind behind Shin Chan has met with a terrible accident. He will be missed & Shin Chan will always be in our hearts & somewhat perverted minds…

so sad he died no more shin chan unless someone take over

but even someone takes over it might not be so funny anymore

It will be no more funny as hell if another person replace him :( like the Doraemons, it’s not the same as fujiko did. Now I read every episode of doraemon and there is no more doraemon! Now what? Chin Chan too? Why why! Well, Rest In Peace…. The world will miss you….

It came in unexpected,I can’t believe it but we gotta face the facts.He’s gone,so was the popular comic character,I used to enjoy the comics series and now,it’s all gone.

How did he died? It’s gone tits up,good men die while villains reign.That’s unfair.

haii .. i really2 like shin chan ……

i really love shin chan what a shame that the creator died

:) love it, but destiny said a desperate end to it :’)

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