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DC Cab: Taxi explodes outside DC Comics offices

The view from DC this morning

The view from DC this morning

It’s not quite Black Lantern Martian Manhunter tossing Green Lantern into the Batsignal, but as far as urban havoc goes, it’s the most excitement comics has seen in some time: A taxicab burst into flames around 9:30 this morning at 53rd St. and 7th Avenue in Manhattan — just across the sidewalk from the DC Comics offices at 1700 Broadway.

Through eyewitnesses, Gothamist reports that the fire resulted from an exploding gas tank and filled the area with smoke, though no one was hurt. The New York Times quotes FDNY spokesman Firefighter Hugh Giffords as describing the fire and its subsequent extinguishing as “routine,” but the conflagration was the talk of DC’s employees, many of whom could see it from their Broadway-facing windows or passed it on their way into work. Sources say it attracted even more attention than Paul McCartney’s recent performance atop the nearby Late Show with David Letterman marquee. You can see the full progression of the fire in our photo gallery after the break.

The incident obviously worked out pretty badly for the owner of the cab. But DC itself fared better than did some other comics publishers after memorable moments of car-based mayhem from the relatively recent past, as when rogue vehicles plowed through the offices of SLG in 2003 and Oni in 2007.



Someone needs to tell Grant Morrison not to freebase narcotics while using public transportation. Just a thought.

Just out of shot: Darkseid firing omega beams at Dan Didio.

Wow… Disney isn’t playing around.

I’m really glad that no one was hurt, because…

That. Is. AWESOME! :D


Wow. Look’s like Herald is taking it to a whole new level… To the original reporter, were there any tropes forcasting this attack?

Maybe somebody doesn’t like the latest issue of whatever? ;-)

When we live in fear of exploding cabs, Bialya wins.

Another one of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle’s pranks has gone too far, it seems.

The title of this is D.C. Cab and yet no one thinks to look for Tyrone or his wig full of hair curlers or any monster masks?

This is all part of the Game!

Where’s Albert Hockenberry? Were’s the mayor’s kids kidnapped again?

(And if no one gets this refrence I’m either too old or a good movie has gone way out of fashion.)

Evan, it was never a good movie.




Brian, but its a Mr. T movie!

By that definition it was awsome! :-)

LOL and Bill Maher when no one knew who he was.

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