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Flash’s Rogues are no match for Johns and Manapul

"Reverse Flash" by Francis Manapul

"Reverse Flash" by Francis Manapul

In one of those good news/bad news types of announcements, DC Comics announced today that Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul‘s run on Adventure Comics would end with January’s issue #6 — which is too bad, as I’ve really enjoyed the book so far — as they prepare to work together on The Flash.

According to Alex Segura over at The Source, their first “high-octane and mysterious” storyline is titled “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues.” He added to stay tuned for word on the new creative team for Adventure Comics.

(Picture above is from Manapul’s deviantART page. Here’s a look at a Flash sketch by Manapul that he shared on Twitter last month).

Update, Sept. 9: And the new Adventure Comics writer is Paul Levitz. Details here.



It’s odd, but in the Francis Manapul interview on CBR’s main page, he says that Jerry Ordway is doing Adventure #3-4 and that he’s returning with #6 for the second arc. That doesn’t quite make sense with this news.

Also, I’d rather have Johns and Manapul on Superboy than Flash, if I’m honest.

The Flash is a sentimental favorite of John’s, so he will throw a lot into this book, no doubt. However, this is not a strong move for DC. Superboy and the Legion are stronger properties. The Flash revival that DC is attempting just does not seem to be showing the strong legs that the Green Lantern revival did in it’s early days. The speed force convolutions just don’t work for me. I feel the DCU would be better served keeping this particular creative team on Adventure Comics.

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