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Hey there, there tweets the Spider-Man

"OMFG! Did I really tweet that?!"

"OMFG! Did I really tweet that?!"

It’s easy enough, I suppose, to slip up using Twitter: You realize — too late! — that you probably shouldn’t have divulged something or, like John Hodgman, you accidentally tweet your telephone number to all of your followers.

However, if you’re a superhero who’s fought tirelessly, with one minor exception, to keep your identity a secret, you can’t really afford such missteps.

Yet look at Spider-Man who, in just two days on Twitter, already has made references to Aunt May, Mary Jane, Harry, and Dr. Connors’ class.

Surely at least some of the wall-crawler’s enemies use Twitter. Oh, probably not the Vulture or the Rhino, but certainly Doctor Octopus does. Mysterio? Please. Just try to keep him from tweeting during Gossip Girl.

And never underestimate the universe- and Dumpster-spanning reach of Hobo Darkseid.

Heck, Spider-Man might as well just hand out maps to his house while he’s at it.



Does Spider-Man have the permission of his various corporate overlords — Marvel, Disney, the Bugle, Brian Bendis — to tweet?

I should have included Stephen Wacker in the list of corporate overlords — sorry, Wacker.

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