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@HoboDarkseid revealed!

Picture_3_biggerA Twitter user called HoboDarkseid took the internet by storm this past August, leaving the world wondering “Who is the mad genius behind the dumpster-dwelling super villain?”

Actually, that’s a question I never thought to ask, as I assumed it was probably just some really clever fan. Turns out, though, that it’s a really clever comic writer, as revealed in this story on NPR.

Now we just need to find out that Spider-Man is really Grant Morrison, and the day will be complete.



Ha. Good article- I missed some of those tweets.

I hadn’t realized this was a secret. Matt Fraction mentioned this in some podcast a while ago, but I suppose not even all our friends at Robot 6 can be expected to listen to EVERY podcast by EVERY comic star. Too bad you missed it, he does a great drunk Orson Welles impersonation.

So many podcasts, so little time.

Gawd, I read a fair bit of the article, and a few tweets, and just don’t see what’s so funny or why this made up Twitter character is of especial interest. Are hobos particularly amusing in the US or something?

No, Martin, and neither is Matt Fraction.

Yes,Hobos are particularly amusing in the U.S.Especially in Detroit and Chicago,where to the untrained eye they could easily be seen as zombies,shuffling towards you with arms outstretched and saying “Chaaaaaaaaange” in a low moan.The concept of Darkseid as a hobo,that’s just good comedy.

Hobos are pretty much always funny. The homeless not so much, but hobos – oh my yes.

It’s a drag to find out it was Matt Fraction as HOBO DARKSEID. I felt the same when I found out Santa was my parents and what KISS looked like without the makeup. Thanks a lot internets!

Mysterious Stranger

September 30, 2009 at 7:57 pm

Just one more reason to love Matt Fraction. I eagerly refresh Twitter to see if @HOBODARKSEID has any new nuggets of wisdom to share.

Warren Ellis let that cat out the bag months ago.

Warren Ellis is a hobo? Oh wait, never mind.

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