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Is C.B. Cebulski declaring war on Wizard?

That seems to be the case as the Marvel Comics editor let loose a series of angry (but under 140 character) rants on his Twitter page regarding the financially unstable comics magazine. Here’s a quick sampling:

Wizard Entertainment

Wizard Entertainment

More shoddy, sensationalistic reporting in the new Wizard. Let them retweet that as it seems this is where they’re getting all their “news”.

I would have no problem with Wizard if they treated this industry and its creators with the respect, dignity and honesty they deserve.

We have enough stupid, petty backstabbing and bullshit in this biz already and don’t need them undermining it further.

Ouchie. Cebulski goes on to point out some contradictory sexism that’s honestly plagued the magazine for a long time. I guess the moral of the story is: Don’t use Cebulski’s tweets as a jumping off point for your magazine article (if that’s indeed what was the source of the trouble).



“I would have no problem with Wizard if they treated this industry and its creators with the respect, dignity and honesty they deserve.”

Hey, what a coincidence! I feel the same exact way about Marvel.

Wizard has long outlived its usefulness and will be missed by few.when they inevitably tank. They’re the Blockbuster of comics — a company that richly deserves its impending fate.

Ouchie, indeed. Cebulski even slams Wizard’s Big Apple Con in his Twitter feed and says that the “real NYCC is next October”. Did someone at Wizard piss on C.B.’s lawn, or is this something bigger between Marvel and Wizard?

Cebulski’s Twitter feed is really one to watch. He frequently slams on DC’s monthly output and goes on angry rants about various subjects, pointing out how Marvel does so many of those things better than their competitors. I can appreciate supporting your employer’s pursuits, but do you see DC people bad-mouthing Marvel? I don’t, and I think it’s grossly unprofessional and generally classless for him to carry on in such a fashion. Just my $.02, but reading his Twitter has genuinely made me think twice about spending a hard-earned dollar on a Marvel book.

Robert Simon said:

“…I think it’s grossly unprofessional and generally classless…”

That’s pretty much the Marvel attitude AND the Wizard attitude. Pot-kettle-black.

I’m not understanding why a Marvel employee would now be bashing Wizard magazine, the very same magazine which has been pretty much an advertising machine for Marvel for at least the last decade. And his complaining about what Wizard does is at least 15 years too late.

I wonder if Disney knows that one of its future lackeys is laying the groundwork for a controversy. Disney doesn’t like controversy.

The only other possible reason that I can think of for Marvel to suddenly start bashing Wizard is if Marvel is going to start producing their own ‘fan’ magazine.

Sorry to read that a few of you guys feel my posts come off as “unprofessional” and “classless”, but let me point out that my Twitter feed is my personal account. I post about anything I want to or feel like. There’s just as much up there about my love of food and my cats as there is about the comics biz. And as most people who follow me know, I’m just as critical of things Marvel does as I am of DC or Wizard. Very rarely do I go on “rants” and I tend to think my posts are more positive overall, especially when it comes to trying to help people break into the comics, But yes, when something sets me off, I feel compelled to talk about it. My objective is to shed light on things that bother me as a fan just as much as as “industry insider”. Maybe that way issues can be addressed and fixed. One can hope.

Thanks for listening.

Take care,


When one is working for a major corporation, taking shots at the opposition is rather tasteless and low class.

When you are working for Marvel, anything negative you say about DC is better left unsaid.

It’s time for you to grow up and be a man.

In light of everything that was said today on here and on Twitter, I thought this was a little odd.

So saying what you think means your not a man? Thats crazy.

What C.B. seems to forget is that his employer, Marvel Comics, has been the mainstay of WIZARD since the beginning. Marvel is represented in that stupid magazine with 6 articles for every one about any other company, and their creators are constantly on the top of the bull@#$! top ten creator list. Joe Quesada has kissed their rears for years.

It doesn’t matter anyway – based on the current content and lack of staff, WIZARD should be dead within a few months.

They will not be missed.

All of these points seem minor to me when compared to the fact that wizard’s online store is STEALING money from innocent customers who try to order from them. They had almost 50% feedback at their Amazon store before it was shut down.

Many people who order from them receive a) nothing; b) some cheap piece of trash toy that might cost HUNDREDS of dollars less than what they had ordered (if you order $200 Statues then don’t be surprised to get a $2.00 figure instead); c) a poor packing job that makes the contents look like someone kicked them for 10-15 minutes before sending the order out.

Wizard has shut down all customer service and will not help any customers with their problems.

It’s too bad that no one cares about these activities and all of the fans hurt when they list off Wizard’s other sins.

Lucas Siegel covered the Wizard/Amazon/online store stuff at Blog@Newsarama back in MAY.

In fact, I remembered as I was typing this, Newsarama called Wizard on its bulls— about Captain America #25 back in 2007.

It’s funny that Wizard’s great as Marvel’s go-to when it covenient, but they throw ‘em under the bus when things are rocky.

I also like that C.B. reiterates that it’s his personal Twitter account; as if being an editor, writer, and guy who advises new talent doesn’t make him a public face of the company.

It’s nice that it was covered in MAY, but it’s just as true now as it was then.

They are just as much a den of thieves as they were then.

Or is there a time limit on criminals who have gone unpunished for their crimes?

Whatever. Marvel doesn’t say anything negative about Wizard, it’s because they’re kissing up to get additional coverage in the magazine. If a Marvel employee comes out and says something negative, they’re hypocrites and classless.

When individuals in the entertainment business tweet the usual P.R. crap they are called on for spouting the usual useless PR crap. When they actually tweet something personal they are called out for being classless or crossing some imaginary line.

Alan, I know you hate Marvel, but it’s kind of ridiculous to be standing up for DC like they are some poor, defenseless, mom and pop store being assaulted by a major corporation.

A O said: “It’s too bad that no one cares about these activities and all of the fans hurt when they list off Wizard’s other sins.”

I think that’s what Nikki was trying to say; Siegel DID cover those activities months ago. They may still be a den of thieves, but didn’t they lose their Amazon store after that?

Hello Alan,

They did lose the Amazon store and I am sure that Amazon did it’s best to assist it’s customers who had been hurt by them. But that still leaves a lot of customers who have not received any restitution, apology or even acknowledgement of their criminal activity.

I also think that it may be beneficial to warn anyone else who might have been thinking of ordering from them before they lose their money.

Joseph said:

“Alan, I know you hate Marvel, but it’s kind of ridiculous to be standing up for DC like they are some poor, defenseless, mom and pop store being assaulted by a major corporation.”

Joseph, I assume you were talking to me, not ADD, as we were the only Alans posting at that point of the thread.

I don’t hate Marvel. I just think it is classless of Marvel employees to be taking shots at DC. And it’s not as if this was the first or second time it has happened. It’s been going on for years, probably close to a decade.

I have no problem with fans bashing DC if that is their wont. Staff employees of any company should not be bashing the opposition. It looks petty and immature.

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