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Joss Whedon confirms Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 6 (by Jo Chen)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 6 (by Jo Chen)

With still another dozen issues to go in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight – the Dark Horse comic-book continuation of the cult-hit TV series — creator Joss Whedon already has confirmed there will be a Season Nine.

“Well, 40 issues was always the goal [for Season Eight], and that’s how we’re playing it,” Whedon tells “We’re around issue 30 now, we’ve got about 10 to go, five of which I have to write, so I have to get on that. Then we’ll pause for breath and then we’ll start Season Nine.

“… I have had for a long time a conception for Season Nine that is very different from Season Eight. It may not run as long, because 40 issues sounds great until you realize that it’s four or five years.”

In the interview, which focuses heavily on Dollhouse, Whedon also talks about his Astonishing X-Men collaborator John Cassaday, who will direct an episode of the science-fiction TV show.

“He’s a storyteller,” Whedon said. “I gave him shorter scripts than any other artist I’ve worked with because he has an extraordinary visual sense and it very much matches my own. … With Cassaday, I know he can tell a story, I know him as a person, his sensibility, the way he is with other people and I just feel that this step is logical for him, it’s something he’s been pursuing for a while.”



Ugh, not another one…

And Cassaday directing Dollhouse? So it’s going to be even more shallow and two-dimensional than usual? Oh dear.

This isn’t actually news – Joss Whedon has talked about this before, many times.

Vega, you have not a clue what you talk about when it comes to John Cassaday as a filmmaker.

Hey, Vega. Is anyone FORCING you to read it? Don’t read it if you’re not interested. Why do people just love to complain on the internet? Bitching for the sake of bitching. Jeez.

I’m looking forward to it. Though the last few issues of Season 8 were pretty rough, on the whole it has been really enjoyable and I will be getting on board with Season 9.

Don’t care too much about Dollhouse (though my ex loves it), I might have to check out the Cassaday episode.

So does this mean that it will take two years for Cassaday to direct one episode like it took him half a year in between issues of Astonishing just to draw them? Well he better start directing for the series finale from now. The season 8 Buffy was good. I’m beginning to feel Season 9 would be too much. After Season 7 on TV you still had the sense that there was plenty more Buffy stories to tell, which is why Season 8 worked for me. But Season 9…I don’t know.

Great! Once you’re done, just put out an Omnibus for season 8 and I’ll buy it!

Vega, why would you even click on this story, if you hate the concept and, apparently, everyone involved?

With the success of Buffy “comic seasons,” it would be nice to see future seasons of Firefly… While their story had been given a kind of end with the movie, it also opened up new beginnings I would have liked to have seen explored. This idea of having Joss Whedon be the “showrunner” of the comic and having others sort of write it would fit nicely with that.

Great. Take another 4 years to do what the TV show would do in 9 months.
I can’t control my excitement.
Season 9. Can’t be interesting. A span of 2 years in a life doesn’t usually mean a lot has happened. A span of 5 years on the other hand can mean a lot can happen.
Skip Season 9.
I want season 15 or Season 20.

Some people just have to bitch about everything and are never satisfied.

People act live John Cassaday is a newbie at directing. He has directed television before.

People also act like every creative effort takes as long as drawing does. It doesn’t. I assure you, writing this message took a small fraction of the time it would have taken to pencil, ink and letter a drawing of someone saying it.

what a awesomeee idea i thinkk joss whedon should of made season 8 on videos aswell because i have only got up to season 7 and there is 6 volumes in season 8 and there all in books so that means i need to get all of them nd read themm so i think he should do them in films plus buffy the vampiree slayer is awesomee i LOVEE ITT :)

ive yet to read seaon 8 and im excited for season 9. there are THOUSANDS of stories to tell. going back to the very beginning and telling stories pre-slayer and stories of the first slayer, as well as some stories of Buffy’s predacessors and how they tie into the currrent conflict with The First.

what would be nice in the end is a Buffy movie to wrap it all up. a big theatrial movie, not a tv movie. or, if not that, even bring the series back to tv for a 10th and final season to tell the in between stories and finally wrap it up. let hell on earth be revealed. Buffy the general of this army of slayers. the true FINAL battle. if Riley hadnt already madeappearances, bring him back.

Buffy season 9 sounds great. I mean I never liked Buffy thought it was point less and stupid. That’s till I watched the first season than I loved Buffy. Than I got all the seasons from 1 to 7. And now 8 i am waiting on number 31 to come out witch is January 13 than number 32 is February 3 than 33 is March 3. But what would be cool is Buffy the vampire slayer the movie in theater and when it comes out to dvd/bluRay put on the cover season 10 the final cut. I’m rooting for season 9. And maybe season 10

Well, in my opinion, Buffy: Season Eight is great for the fans of the show because it officially continues the story and picks up after Season Seven and the events of the last episode, “Chosen.” Because of that last ep, things are different in the Buffy-verse and Sunnydale is no more. This is great for a whole season’s run in comics, 40 issues, 8 TPB’s. However it took Whedon & Co. about 2 years to finish the Season (considering that Volume 7: Twilight will be out in summer 2010 and Volume 8 will be out by the end of the year). Now he’s saying that he might make Season Nine a lesser amount of issues because….HE DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD TAKE THAT LONG TO COME OUT WITH 40 ISSUES?? Give me a break. You can’t make one Season longer than the other, Whedon. Season Eight was 40 issues, so Season Nine will need to be 40 issues. Don’t try to make it easier because you want to be more lazy. I know you’re also doing ANGEL: After The Fall but c’mon. You should have known going into the project that 40 issues was going to be a few years, even at the least putting out 1 issue every month. So yeah, don’t sell us fans short, short-change us, or sugar-coat what you already started. Don’t wanna do another 40-issue run? Then stop after Season 8.

I really love the Buffy the vampire slayer TV series and am yet to read Season 8. I thought that it was really sad to kill Spike in the final episode of BTVS Season 7. Out of all the characters, he was my favourite, and Spike and Buffy had only just started to really get on with eachother.Buffy had only just realised that she loved Spike and he was taken from her. I think that Buffy and Spike should find eachother again, they were meant to be. I also think that the TV series should have carried on, even if the actors are aging. With Spike, being a vampire, hes not supposed to age. Well after the seventh season I hadn’t even noticed that James Marsters(Spike) had aged at all. I really think that there was a major error made and some people really screwed up because the BTVS TV series should deffinitely have carried on.

I hope it come to an end soon. As weird as it sounds. I can’t wait to see how Joss kills Buffy for the last time?

Does anybody know how many books are actually in season 8. I’m trying to collect and by them all before season 9 comes out. I recently got finished with the Tv series BTVS (cousin has all the dvds) and I was just itching for more and just last night found out theres a season 8 in graphic novel format. so someone please respond back asap. thank you!

@Kyrsten hey so in buffy season 8 there are so far 40 issues and there will be 8 collections (2 Unreleased) the titles of each are

Buffy Season 8: The Long Way Home
Buffy Season 8: No Future For You
Buffy Season 8: Wolves At The Gate
Buffy Season 8: Time Of Your Life
Buffy Season 8: Predators and Prey
Buffy Season 8: Retreat
Buffy Season 8: Twilight (Released October 6th 2010)
Buffy Season 8: Last Gleaming (Released June 1 2011)

Hope this helped

Cole Pratt, you must have never watched Angel.

Can’t Frickin’ wait, season eight is almost finished and it was amazing, and i heard that season nine would be coming out with two issues a month instead of only one, which is only gonna be over two years, so MAYBE HOPEFULLY, we will get another 40 issue season, that’s just as incredible as the last.

hey is spike in them well not in them cos hes like dead u know but i mean mentioned our anything and does buffy really love him

um when is the first munth its coming out on

wat shops do u get them from not in america in australia

Season 8 wraps up in January; Season 9, and a new Angel series, will debut in late 2011.

Hey guys don’t forget to get the motion comics of BUFFY or any other episodes you like at Apple’s itunes. Its freaking awesome seeing the comics come to life!

yes aother buffy darn I thhought it was going to be the tv show I love you all espscaily u sarah michelle gellar

You know, Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn’t done much since Buffy. She left the show because apparently she wanted a big illustrious film career, but hasn’t really done anything of note. (Besides having a baby!!) I think she would be only too happy to do a Buffy Movie. The vast amount of fans plus any just curious people would make the movie possibly more popular than “Twilight.” I say, Buffy and Angel need to be together for good, and maybe we could have a reincarnation of Tara????? Everyone else comes back from the dead; why not Tara??

Sorry to spoil it for you Tara’s Light, but they are doing a remake of the original BTVS movie (the one with Kristy Swanson in case you aren’t familiar with it). However, Joss Whedon is not on board for it, and they aren’t even using him as a consultant. Sooo…unless he does his own Buffy movie apart from that one, I don’t think there is much hope. Just finished Volume 6 of Season 8 though, and it’s getting a little off-the-wall. I’ll probably still read Season 9 though because I love the show so much. I was even loyal to “The X-Files” up until the end and saw BOTH movies in the theaters. When I like something, I tend to stick with it no matter how bad it gets (except for Heroes).

i have a question. Buffy the vampire salyer season 8 is a comic book rite…so is it gonna be on tv? what about season 9 it also a comic book or is it gonna be a tv serial

Yep, both season eight and season nine are comic books … they won’t be on TV.

Well, I enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 8, but someone died on me (literally), leaving me without any way to pick up the final numbers (36 to 40) of the series, so I can’t even buy the new series. I currently live in Italy with my mom, but the credit card we possess doesn’t work for buying comics

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