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Lieber, Ryan and Parker’s Escape from Alcatraz comic

Alcatraz comic

Alcatraz comic

I went to Alcatraz this weekend with some out-of-town visitors (and before anyone asks, no, they didn’t try to keep me there), and one of the items available in the gift shop was an Escape from Alcatraz comic. It’s about the 1962 escape of Frank Morris and brothers Clarence and John Anglin, which was dubbed “The Dummy Head Breakout.” The trio designed fake heads out of things like soap and toilet paper, to trick the guards into thinking they were asleep all night, then snuck out through the vents they’d been widening for about seven months.

They were never seen again. The story has been recounted in other books and in the 1979 movie starring Clint Eastwood.

The comic was created by writer Sara Ryan, artist Steve Lieber and colorist Jeff Parker. You can buy the book either on Alcatraz or via the online store.



Wow, when did this come out? Sounds like fun.

I love visiting Alcatraz — I’ve been there three times and it’s just a fascinating place. The self-guided audio tour is amazing.

I got my copy from Steve something like a year ago, maybe longer. He usually has it at his table in artist’s alley.

Matt — Good to know. I really should walk the show floor of cons more often, huh? ;)

It looks like it was published in 2007.

And yeah, Alcatraz is definitely worth the trip when going to San Francisco. They did a great job with the audio tour.

For those folks afraid of boats and/or prisons, this comiic is also available in San Francisco at the Isotope and the Cartoon Art Museum’s store. Highly recommended!

The people at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy are doing a continuing series of ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ comics. The next one is ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ: THE BATTLE OF ’46, written by me and drawn by Lukas Ketner. It should be out summer 2010.

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