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Mike Perridge’s Thirty Golden Rules


Over on his blog, webcomics pundit and digital comics critic, Mike Perridge has posted ‘Thirty Golden Rules‘ for creators considering submitting a series to Zuda Comics. While several of his rules are Zuda-specific, many of them also apply to comic-creating and comic professionalism too.

Here are just a few choice snippets:

6. The Project: Is this the story you always wanted to tell, or the story you always wanted to sell? Make it both if you can.

8. Writers – read your script aloud until you don’t laugh (unless it’s supposed to be funny). Get someone to proof read it for grammar and spelling.

13. If you’ve chosen to tell a familiar story you have to tell it better than anyone else has ever told it before.

27. Be nice to all the friends you made and those that helped out – you might need their help again.

If you are an aspiring comics professional, you owe to yourself to check it out!


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