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The return of Quasar?



I’ve been reading Marvel’s cosmic titles in trade paperback form, so I’m not up to speed on everything War of Kings related just yet. So this teaser for Realm of Kings leaves me with a lot of questions I probably don’t want to know the answers to just yet, like when Wendall Vaughn got his body back and what happened to Phyla-Vel.

Ah, the agony of trade waiting …



Wasn’t the original cosmic avenger the Silver Surfer? Or is he not an “avenger” because he was never a member of the team The Avengers? I mean, presumably he still avenges stuff, despite not being official avenging…

Quasar was the original cosmic Avenger. When was the Surfer ever called an Avenger? Defender, yes!

Phylla Vell is still around and kicking ass. The Quasar story is still barely started. Great new look though.

Billy Idol in spandex? That’s pretty cosmic all right.

This guy looks more like Adam Warlock to me.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

I have no idea why folks rag on Quasar. I liked his series.
I think the cosmic avenger might’ve been Captain Mar-vell

Mar-Vell was not an Avenger until after his death post-humorus award.

Other cosmic avengers include :
Starfox of Titan (more of a love god type)
Thor (cosmic level, but actually a God)
Hercules (another actual god)

As for Quasar’s Body…
In NOVA’s series, Quasar returned with a Light Construct Body, with all the powers he possessed as Quasar plus a few extras due to being a Energy Being.
His new look does remind me of Adam Warlock and Kismet also. Quasar did sleep with Kismet If I remember correctly back in his old comic series when she was looking for her ideal mate, and she focused on Quasar for some reason.

Theory 1 = Kismet builds Quasar a Body like herself and Adam Warlocks.
Theory 2 = Kismet was preggers with Quasars baby, and Quasar moves into the new baby body and bamm, new Quasar, but Old Quasar.
Theory 3 = War of Kings did something which I wont know for awhile.

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