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AdHouse Books cancels FCHS collection



Writer Vito Delsante announced this morning on Twitter that, “due to low pre-orders,” AdHouse Books won’t be publishing FCHS, the webcomic-turned-graphic novel described as “Archie meets 90210.”

The comic, by Delsante and artist Rachel Freire, debuted in December 2007 at the now-defunct Chemistry Set online collective, and caught the attention of AdHouse’s Chris Pitzer the following summer. A 128-page collection was added to the publisher’s fall 2009 schedule, and promoted online, at conventions and with a full-color Free Comic Book Day issue.

FCHS, Vol. 1, had been solicited for November release. Delsante spoke last month about the comic with Robot 6’s Tim O’Shea.



Ugh. What terrible news that makes me feel oddly semi-personally responsible. Was really looking forward to this book but just waited assuming the nice shop in my area would have copies around. I’ve got to learn to start pre-ordering cool stuff.

Shoot. I did pre-order this, now I’m very disappointed.

Thank you Kiel and Kat for the encouraging words and support.

We’re taking the week to discuss our options. I’m sure whatever we decide, you won’t be disappointed.

That sucks I was looking forward to this after reading the FCBD issue. Pre-ordering means credit so I’m always happy with that as well.

I’ll wait and see if it comes out in another format and look for it then

Why is it that I always want what I can’t have? I only just heard about this comic today and now all I want to do is read it. Bah! This is exactly the sort of collection I’d pick up in my local comic shop.

Thanks Evan and Michael!

News to come next week.

I would buy it. actually planned on it. i still will if you decide to go ahead with a limited printing.
put me down for a pre-order. credit card to follow at secure site i.e. paypal, etc.

thank you bill

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