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Apparently chicks dig the suit, too

Replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

Replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

Universal Designs has released more information and few more promo images for the replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit that Larry Young linked to a few months back. According to the press release, the suit includes “a full-leather jacket that includes lightweight interior lining, as well as molded-leather and Kevlar armor sections; pants that include heavy-duty, four-way stretch Spandex inserts and CE-approved armor; authentic gloves and boots that replicate the amazing on-screen design.”

They only plan to create 1,000 of them, and they cost $998. You can order one — and check out all their Dark Knight-themed merchandise — here. It’s pricey, but takes cosplay to a whole other level. More promo images and a video of the suit can be found after the jump.


Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit - Front

Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit - Back



Too bad they don’t make a suit for chicks to wear.

Frankly, it’d be a better pic without the freakin’ dude in it.

It ALMOST makes me want to go out and start fighting crime!

I hope they made a few in extra-large for convention goers.

Yeah, but if I was wearing the suit, it would be hard to look Batman tough when I’d no doubt be grinning like a little school boy.

I feel like that photo is implying something but I just can’t wrap my head around it.

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