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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Legal | Anime producer and distributor Funimation Entertainment issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice to the webhost of AnimesFree demanding that the fansub site remove more than 1,000 infringing episodes of more than 40 series. The site’s administrator complied, and then complained about the company enforcing its copyrights: “ will continue just as STRONGLY as it has been these past three months. Meeting everyone new on the website was great and I don’t intend for it to stop anytime soon. So we’re not going to quit just because of a few dozen series. There’s two things that you can do when a bully pushes you down. You either stay down and cower, or you stand back up and fight until you can’t walk anymore. There are just some things that the ‘Anime’ corporate giants will never understand about how people rely on online Anime communities.” The commenters on the post aren’t particularly sympathetic to the administrator’s plight. [AnimesFree, via Deb Aoki]

Rich Hafstead

Rich Hafstead

Retailing | Heidi MacDonald reports that Rich Hafstead, partner in the Jim Hanley’s Universe chain in New York City, passed away Oct. 9. He had been semi-retired since suffering a heart attack in 2006. [The Beat]

Retailing | A 10-year-old girl is in a coma after she was trapped Tuesday under shelves that collapsed in a bookstore in Sapporo, Japan. The girl’s 14-year-old sister also was injured. The store, Daily Books, sells secondhand manga and video games. [The Japan Times, The Mainichi Daily News]

Legal | In light of recent legal moves by the heirs of Jerry Siegel and Jack Kirby, Christopher Murray and Paul Iannicelli consider the termination provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act. [ Mondaq]

Events | The Library of Congress has launched a retrospective of Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Herblock (Herbert Block), who would have turned 100 on Tuesday. Lindsey Ellerson pens a nice look at Herblock’s career and legacy — which includes coining the term “McCarthyism.” [ABC News]

Asterix at 50

Asterix at 50

Publishing | The Independent spotlights René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo’s Asterix as the popular series approaches its 50th anniversary at the end of the month: “Asterix has now been translated into over 100 languages, sold 325 million copies of 33 books, spawned eight animated adventures and three live action films (how did Gérard Depardieu ever live his turn as Obelix down?). The unsung heroes, though, as far as British audiences are concerned, have to be Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge, who have translated the books into English. Without their work, there would be no ‘by the gods,’ or ‘by toutatis,’ just two of many catchphrases they have helped popularise. Altogether now: ‘These Romans are crazy!'” [The Independent]

Publishing | Tokyopop is hiring a personal assistant for the office of the CEO. [Comix 411]

That looks like more than $521

That looks like more than $521

Crime | Police in Gastonia, North Carolina, are searching for a man who wore a Spider-Man mask as he robed a convenience store at gunpoint: “Police say the man fled after the robbery – apparently, the conventional way, on foot … not by jumping from building to building, like the cinema version of Spider-Man.” [Charlotte Observer]

Creators | Brian Heater launches multipart interviews with Ken Dahl and Guy Delisle. [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Creators | Scott McCloud ponders the role of negative reviews: “… I always consider reviews useful — even the hatchet jobs. It makes my heart sink a little when I hear other artists dismiss all reviews as irrelevant to their process. A common claim is that reviews tell us ‘only about the reviewer’ and tell us ‘nothing about the work,’ but I disagree. Yes, reviewers have biases. Yes, they miss the point sometimes. But there’s always some kind of information embedded in any reaction to any creative effort.” [Scott McCloud]

Comics | Matt Ampersand considers the “anthology dilemma,” but neglects to mention Viz Media’s successful Shonen Jump. [The Weekly Crisis]

Giant-Man's wafer-thin cybernetic helmet

Giant-Man's wafer-thin cybernetic helmet

Comics | Bully spotlights one of my favorite elements from comics of (mostly) yesteryear: cutaway diagrams of buildings and equipment. Seriously, as a kid I could spend hours looking at schematics of Legion Headquarters and Titans Tower. [Comics Oughta Be Fun!]

Art | It’s been a while since I linked to Paolo Rivera’s “Wacky Reference Wednesdays,” so … [The Self-Absorbing Man]

Music | Singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston talks about Captain America and Jack Kirby: “When my mom would go to the grocery, she’d give me a dollar for helping out, and then I started buying some comic books. And about the third week or so, I walked up to the comic book stand, and there was Captain America, and it just looked like some kind of prize. Like the Ten Commandments. [Laughs.] I just went crazy for Captain America. I would buy only Captain America comics, and then, when I was looking at the first one, I recognized the name. It said ‘Jack Kirby.’ I used to say, ‘Jack Kraby.’ I didn’t know how to pronounce it, you know. I started collecting Kirby until there was nothing else but Kirby on my mind.” [A.V. Club]



LOL. Who’s the admin of AnimesFree keeping that site up for? All the people responding were a bunch of tools that condemned him and what he was doing. (Note: I did NOT say which side I was on. I just noted that if you’re supposedly a fan of a site, the least you could do is not storm in and call the owner of said site a whiny jerk or whatever.) Why even keep up the server fees? Doesn’t seem worth it.

>>>how did Gérard Depardieu ever live his turn as Obelix down?

He didn’t – Asterix is like the national cartoon character of France. Getting to play Obelix is like playing Batman or Superman here. He’s done three so far – hardly something one is ashamed of. Plus, he was _awesome_.

One of the reasons Asterix is such a hit all over the world is the quality of the translations. It’s functionally impossible to translate puns verbatim, so the books get “re-humored”. From the character names down to the smallest joke, the translators have on hell of a job before them.

I agree with the first comment made in the AnimesFree link, that site admin needs to really get over his self-righteousness. Calling the legally entitled copyright owner a “bully” undercuts ANY kind of argument he could make in his favor…

The AnimesFree thing is beyond a joke, an illegal site winging about getting caught? Go away. Though I agree why post on their site to rub it in? Astrix (comics) is damn funny by the way.

Thanks for mentioning my article.

I did not mention manga anthology titles because I personally don’t read any of them, making my knowledge of them extremely basic, so I decided against writing about something that is not within my expertise (if you can call amateur blogging an expertise). It was more of a decided omission rather than a neglect.

Matt: I understand, but I think leaving out what’s easily the most popular comics anthology in North America leaves a gaping hole in your article.

wouldn’t it be redundant to talk about the success of the American Shonen Jump when it’s just reprinting material that’s already been published and made money in other countries. it’s not exactly the same deal.

I don’t see that it’s redundant. If we’re to exclude Shonen Jump from the discussion simply because the stories appeared previously in another country, then we get into a very narrow definition of what qualifies as an anthology. (Should we then exclude MySpace Dark Horse Presents because it appears, at least initially, online?)

Kevin: You are always welcome to write an addendum about what I was missing on the original article. A guest post perhaps ;)?

Besides the PR guy they send out to conventions calling my beloved Gundam Wing emo, I can ever find fault with what Funimation does. People tend to wine a lot after they get called on doing something wrong.

I should pm my boyfriend and tell him to be careful of shelving while he’s in Japan.

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