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Classic Comics

Classic Comics

Reading With Pictures is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the use of comics in the classroom to aid in literacy and the visual arts:

Educators have begun to see the value of having graphic novels in the classroom — they just don’t know which books to use or how to best use them. To address those needs, Reading With Pictures plans to work with academics, educators, and publishers to provide schools with the best possible teaching methods and classroom materials in order to successfully integrate comics and graphic novels into their curriculum.

Among their goals are to create a database of lesson plans, provide consultation and launch a speakers’ bureau. It’s a project First Second’s Calista Brill finds worthy of merit:

There’s nothing fundamentally different about teaching comics literacy to kids than teaching them the basics of poetry, art, music, math, science, reading – even running. When we educate children, we are giving them the tools to educate themselves. To find the things they love. To experience the world more fully.

And as long as there are people making amazing comics in the world, anyone who lacks the basic tools to read them is missing out. Big time.

Brill puts it a lot better than I could have. If you have time or money available, consider donating to this worthy organization.



Do they have a website?

Fixed, thanks.

Josh Elder, Executive Director of Reading Pictures here…

We do indeed have some very big plans to revolutionize the way comics and graphic novels are used in education. We’re already partnered with Diamond and Northwestern University and are currently reaching out to schools, universities and publishers across the country. You can find out more information about who we are and what we plan to do on our website at

We have some major projects and fundraisers planned for the end of this year and the beginning of next, but right now we’re competing for a $10k grant at and YOU can help us win it. Just go to and register, confirm registration via email and then vote! It only takes five minutes and every vote counts.

Thanks in advance for you help — and feel free to contact us directly at

Elizabeth Davis

April 17, 2012 at 7:26 pm

This is great – many times resistant readers who won’t read much of anything are swayed when offered the chance to read via comics.  Neat stuff – thank you!

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