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DC gives details on hardcover Wednesday Comics collection

Wednesday Comics

Wednesday Comics

Over at the Source blog, DC’s Alex Segura posts some info that was released at the Baltimore Retailer Summit today on the upcoming hardcover edition of Wednesday Comics.

“The hardcover collection of the series, which will retail at $49.99, will clock in at 11 x 17 inches, which will present the series in a deluxe, big-screen format befitting the series, which was originally printed on broadsheet newspaper pages,” Segura writes.

This great news for anyone who was waiting for the collection or just wants a more permanent means of keeping it around. Now when does it come out?




Glad I had enough sense to wait for the trade.

This will be on my coffee table, oh yes it will.

Only 2 dollars more for the hardcover collection than it would have been to buy all 12 separately. Glad I held out on getting the singles.

Seriously though, I want the extra three inches in every direction (no homo).

I’m glad I bought each individual issue and didn’t wait for the trade.

I didn’t love the newsprint editions and will probably re-buy this sucker in this format. IF I can afford it…

At the Baltimore Con, Mark Cierello (SP?) said it would also be split up by character stories, not published in issue order.

Anybody else find it ironic that one of the cover blurbs is from ‘The Onioni?’ If it was from ‘The Onion AV Club’ or just ‘The AV Club,’ it might carry a little more weight.

But depending on when it comes out, I may have to seriously consider picking it up.

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