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Marvel Comics now available via comiXology, iVerse, Panelfly and ScrollMotion apps [Updated]

Marvel on Panelfly

Marvel on Panelfly

Users of the comiXology, Panelfly and iVerse digital comics applications on the iPhone can now download and read titles from Marvel Comics.

It looks like as of midnight Eastern time all three sites posted updates and added Marvel to their libraries. Here’s a breakdown of what each app is offering:


Amazing Spider-Man #1-25
Amazing Spider-Man #519-523
Astonishing X-Men #1-24
Invincible Iron Man #1-16
X-23 #1-6
X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse #1-6


Astonishing X-Men #1–24
Captain America #1–30
Marvel Zombies #1–5
X-23 #1–6
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #1–6


Amazing Spider-Man #519–524
Astonishing X-Men #1–12
Captain America #1–7
Invincible Iron Man #1–6
X-23 #1–6
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #1–6

iVerse and comiXology are offering Marvel’s comics for $1.99. Panelfly has them for $.99 each for the first few issues, then $1.99 for later ones.

Update: CBR’s Kiel Phegley is working on a piece for the main site now, and sent me this tidbit … per Marvel, there’s a fourth partner as well, ScrollMotion. There’s no mention of it on their site yet, however. ScrollMotion has published a large number of books for the iPhone, including titles by Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer, among many others. If you do a search in iTunes for ScollMotion or Iceberg Reader, you can find all the books they’ve released.

Also, Marvel has posted more information on their website.



iverse comics also launched with marvel comics

iVerse really should be included here. They launched at the same time.

As you can see by the sweet header Panelfly has titles for just $.99! The other apps are all $1.99. Panelfly is a far superior reader to the others UI & design wise as well.

I’ll be honest with you – I think the comixology app has the other two beat. I think the PanelFly design is slick, but the readability is hampered. And thye have a nice price point, but the comics just don’t read properly. I know this because I just tried reading them earlier this morning. iVerse has a nice library, but they way they cut up their comics – well it looks bad. Comixology has a better library – a better UI – and if it is good enough to get Molly Crabapple to sign up – it’s good enough for me. I see the other apps as languishing in mediocrity.

I purchased the same comic on panel fly, comixology & iverse. After reading all three it was easy to decide. I chose comixolgy after testing them all. Its worth the few bucks to try them all out and really see which looks best

Here’s the problem with the $1.99 price point…that’s more expensive per page than getting the comics in trade. I like the Comixology app a lot, but I have a hard time paying MORE for a digital comic than the physical form. For example, The Astonishing X-Men #1 trade is $10.19 on Collecting the same 152 pages worth of individual comics on Comixology would cost around $13.75. Am I missing something here? If Comixology was at half that price, I’d happily gobble up most of these comics.

I guess I’ll give Panelfly a whirl and see if I like it.

>> The Astonishing X-Men #1 trade is $10.19 on >>

Not after shipping its not.

Give PanelFly a try, but I think you’ll be disappointed.

I’m thrilled the big guys are making a run at the mobile market! I’ve tried all the app & have to say they are all well built but only Panelfly breaks the mold in user experience & unique functionality.

Regardless I’m just thrilled to have access to the titles now & only hope it gets better!

I dunno Dune, I had a pretty good experience with panelfly, really didn’t feel hampered at all, although I would like the library to be bigger.

The comics app is good too but I noticed that occasionally you get panels where you have to break the guided view to see the word bubbles…

I dunno, overall I’m just happy that I’ll never be bored again.

Does anyone know the reason why all these cool comic apps are available only for iphone, but they aren’t being made available for Mac or PC? Are there Mac/PC programs that can be used to view all the comics that are available for iphone?

Anybody seen how my Marvel Zombies drawings look on an iphone? I can’t download the comic here in the UK.

This is all well and good, now they just need to support Longbox. Once it’s out of course.

I love how Sean Phillips is all up in here like, “How do my drawings look?” It’s darn cool. Wish I could help you, mate, but I don’t have one of those new-fangled phones. And I still prefer paper anyway. An apple tablet, though, might be a whole ‘nother story…

yay, x-23 on my iphone (i was being sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell, marge)

but yeah, snark aside, pretty cool – ima get some of these; would love to get some vintage stuff on there (is the spider-man the ditko stuff or the renumbered): adams avengers, kirby thor, even avengers forerever, or ellis’ dr druid (ho ho, not really, tho it was pretty good).

i’ve been rocking comiczeal for a long while, and though it’s got its downside in the conversion process, it’s awesome carrying planetary, flex mentallo and old silver age dc’s around w/me anywhere I go (not to mention grant’s complete zenith which you can’t get anywhere in the world (except that fabled warehouse))

The early Spider-Man issues are from the 1960s, rather than the renumbered ones that came much later. So yeah, you can get Ditko on the iPhone!

The Cap issues are the Brubaker series, in case anyone was wondering.

@JKParkin – that’s all good, I’m itunestore bound now

@deco – the 1960’s Spider-Man’s are in the Panelfly application. Not sure why they have them and not the others. They are even selling them for $.99 as opposed to $1.99.

shortstack comics

October 30, 2009 at 12:07 pm

Why are these 1.99? Digital copies should be .99

Panelfly’s 99-cent price point, while excellent (and it should be standardized) is only for the first 4 issues of each series. Then it goes up to $1.99.

It’s interesting to see that each app has exclusive material and then material that overlaps.

Corey’s right … the first two or four issues (depending on the series) are 99 cents, then 1.99 after that on Panelfly. I’ve updated the text.

ha, someone’s already complaining about the 1.99 price!

What if they actually got paper comics, and in the future, the price of these digital ones were raised, as will probably happen.

I think an iPad running Panelfly to read Akira would be pretty sweet!

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