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Marvel’s ‘Siege’ trailer from today’s retailer summit

It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube these days … according to the person who posted it, it is “Marvel’s Secret trailer that was shown to us at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore tonight.” Not sure how long this will be up or if it’s supposed to be out there yet, so check it out while you can:

Read more about Siege over on the main CBR site.



Looking forward to it. Many thanks for digging up the video.

I’m also looking forward to this. Just wonder about the last part of the clip with the 3 statues and the 1963-2010 plaque. Now those Avengers statues have been shown many times before but not those dates. Hope they are not bringing back the Big 3 just for this one story.

Err — is that the least enthusiastic crowd in the world?

“The Alliteration.”

Matt: I think that will be the case.

If you look at the articles about this on all major comics news sites, that same image is completely blacked out, but what’s the point of doing so if we already know the characters? The point is probably to hide the symbolic significance of the image.

Plus Brevoort recently mentioned that they have no intention of going back to a classic line-up, so I will definitely not be holding my breath on the Trinity re-union lasting past this next “event”.

New images shown in the trailer that haven’t been seen elsewhere: Spider-Man holding Goblin mask. Wolverine fighting Daken. Thor attacked by Iron Patriot and Venom. A statue of the three Avengers with a plaque stating “1993-2010″.

Regarding Brevoort’s comments about the classic Avengers line-up, that doesn’t necessarily preclude the involvement of the Cap/Iron Man/Thor threesome. I just assume it means that even if characters like them rejoin the team, there will still be New Avengers types like Spider-Man or Wolverine or Luke Cage sticking around. In other words, the kinds of teams you picture George Perez drawing aren’t making a comeback, but some of those team members might.

Sean: True, I had no intention of implying that near future Avengers rosters would have absolutely NO character whose been on a “classic” Avengers team before, but the plaque really does seem to point ominously towards another Avengers Trinity dissolution. Or in a more extreme case, the death of all three!

Or it could be another red herring that makes no sense in the end and actually means the opposite, which is that Thor/Cap/Iron Man will stay united, who knows these days?

@ Flip Maker – it’s the Diamond Retailer Summit (i.e. not a room full of fan-boys). They’ll have already sat through various presentations from various publishers before getting to this point (plus a lot of them were probably attending BCC over the weekend as well).


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