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Michael Jackson wrote a graphic novel

Michael Jackson browing in L.A.'s Golden Apple comic shop

Michael Jackson browsing in L.A.'s Golden Apple

Should that headline read “Michael Jackson wrote a graphic novel!!!” or “Michael Jackson wrote a graphic novel???”

Either way, it appears the late King of Pop will soon be conquering another part of pop culture. Reporting from the Frankfurt Book Fair, Publishers Weekly reveals that Jackson and his friend Gotham Chopra (son of famous guru Deepak Chopra and former honcho of Virgin Comics) had quietly spent years collaborating on a book called Fated, about a reclusive pop superstar whose failed suicide attempt makes him even more famous and “something not quite human.” (Whether that means he somehow gains extraordinary powers or is just, you know, kinda like Michael Jackson remains to be seen.)

The book, a small black-and-white hardcover illustrated by Mukesh Singh, is due out from Random House/Villard in June 2010. Here’s hoping its success leads to a 12-issue Thriller maxi-series.



wow. i sure hope this is for real. anything about michael jackson, anything good and (not the rubbish from the media) Michael was such a talent! so gifted. I bought his book DANCING THE DREAM. He is so well read and so intelligent. So profound.

Man, whatever happened to the whole “Liquid Comics” label that Chopra was supposed to be taking the Virgin properties to? I really wanted to see that animated Morrison thing they quietly announced two years back at NYCC. I think it was called “MBX”?

i knew he could draw… and he loves comics.. and he met stan lee.. but i didn’t think there was going to be much coming out of that collaboration.. other than the fulfillment of michael’s child-like dreams :) meeting the maker of all his fav comic books.. so this news is just great… but the story line itself.. doesn’t sound very mj… suicide and michael jackson? mj may have sung some bloody and gory songs.. but its always out of concern of others.. and its always uplifting.. so yeah.. i look fwd to this comic if he really drew it.. at the same time.. i have my reservations..

I hope this is for real, anything Michael Jackson is just interesting, the man was cool

Michael could reallly draw, i saw some of his drawings, excellent

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