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NYCC staffers kicked out of Big Apple Comic Con

wizarduniverse_2073_1098438769-300x212Attention, con warriors: shots fired! The battle between Gareb Shamus’s Big Apple Comic Con and Reed Exhibitions’ New York Comic Con, kicked off today by Big Apple’s announcement that its 2010 show would run on the same weekend as NYCC, has claimed its first casualties: NYCC director Lance Fensterman is reporting on the show’s official blog that three NYCC staffers have been ejected from Big Apple.

The group was reportedly escorted out by security, though their tickets were refunded by Wizard’s Vice President of Business Affairs Peter Katz. (As we reported earlier, Wizard has some experience with kicking rival con staffers out of its shows.) “World War Con” rages on …



You know, sometimes I think Wizard can’t possibly stoop any lower, and then they confirm for me that they can.

It’s like they want to be hated.

It’s like they’re trying to sabotage their own events.


Shameless seems to have the attitude that he is invincible. That he is above everybody else. That he is superior to most other people.

sorry wizard but I know that the the NYCC will also have the NYAF with it so you still lose me

When I was eleven, there were two comic stores in Nanuet NY, The Wizard of Cards and comics (opened by the Shamus family waaaaaaaaay before there were even thoughts of a magazine) and the Paperback Exchange ran by a man named Jack, who sort of reminded me of an even nicer Santa Claus.

In the Paperback Exchange, Jack would remember my birthday, and give me a free book or two. He also offered a ten percent discount.

On my first trip to the Wizard Store I picked up a comic and was told to put it down and asked where my mommy was. I was told I couldn’t be in there without a parent. They kicked me out.

I know just how you feel Larry, Mark and Tonya. I’ll be at NYCC next year!

There are enough places being underserved by conventions that there is no need to have 2 conventions in the same city at the same time. If this was the first time Wizard/Shamus tried this stunt, then I was give this the benefit of the doubt. However, this is a continual pattern.

I hope the industry chooses to stop rewarding these clowns for being not only self-destructive but also being destructive to the industry and wantonly belligerent.

People need to chill out…

Just got back from Big Apples con. It was HORRIBLE. Not crowded…but they seem to be limitiing the amount of people they let in.
No DC… No Marvel. I went to the information desk three times.. all three times no one was there.
No Coat check ( minor detail but its no fun lugging around a big winter coat on a convention floor)
Oh.. and just to get your ticket.. you had to go up to the second floor.. and THEN.. you had to wait in a large group to use the elevator to get back down.. you couldn’t just use the stairs. They wouldn’t allow it. THEN you had to go back outside to the actual hall. I really hated it. ( and I heard the booths complaining about how it shoudl have been more crowded )

While I’m not a big fan of Wizard, it’s only common sense not to let your competitors advertise and/or promote at your place of business, moreover not to let them spy on you and how you do business.

I wonder how the Big Apple people spotted the NYCC people? Were they wearing NYCC t-shirts or jackets?? Does Big Apple keep photo reference of NYCC staffers like they were frequent shoplifters or check-kiters? Or is this industry so small that they know one another?

As for Big Apple competing with NYCC directly in 2010, it initially sounds like a colossal mistake. I wish there was a comic book convention in NYC in a month with decent weather like May, or maybe late April. I could live with September.

Chris, traditionally, representatives of rival cons attend one another’s shows all the time. At last year’s NYCC, for example, I bumped into several of my former Wizard colleagues, there recruiting for Wizard shows.


Not only dose Reed allow staff from other cons to attend, they often offer them ‘associates’ tables to promote their own shows. It’s very common for shows to support each other in this way.

All Wizard dose by scheduling their con the same weekend is divide the audience, guests and resources for the shows and in the end it isn’t Reed but fans that will suffer. I hope next year NYCC puts Big Apple out of is misery by crushing them completely.

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