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Peter Bagge’s Bradleys are heading for FOX

Move over, American Dad

Move over, American Dad

Could Buddy Bradley be the next Bart Simpson? That’s the tantalizing possibility presented by Fantagraphics’ Eric Reynolds today, as he revealed that writer/artist Peter Bagge has signed a deal with the FOX network to produce a pilot for a potential prime-time animated series based on the Bradleys, the less-than-functional family at the heart of Bagge’s series Neat Stuff and Hate. The show would reportedly focus on Buddy’s teen years at home.

This caps off a rather high-profile few months for Bagge (ahem, Professor Bagge) , a period that has seen the release of his political-strip collection Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me from Fantagraphics and his long-suppressed Incorrigible Hulk story in Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology. No word yet on whether he plans to have Mrs. Bradley pose for Playboy.



He’s working with FOX? I dunno… he’s got enough libertarian overtones for me already without a contract with Rupert Murdoch.

They should give it to Seth MacFarlane. Because Fox needs more Seth MacFarlane shows.

(Since sarcasm is hard to detect on the Internet, I will add that, while I like MacFarlane’s work, yes I do in fact think 90 minutes of it every Sunday night is a bit much.)

I hope this project will happen. I would rather see Hate on cartoon networks adult Swim comedy central tries to hard to be offensive while . cartoon net work is at least faithful to it’s source material. Fox while it does controversy Its shows are not to be as biting or over the top as the Bradleys comic was .

good day

This is something I would love to see if they could maintain the tone of the source material. After Family Guy, this could be the thing to push the envelope the next level. Didn’t they try this on MTV a couple of years ago though?

I wonder if it’s going to take place in the eighties/nineties, or if they’re going to update it.

lloyd llewellyn

October 11, 2009 at 8:12 pm

This is awesome.Cant wait.

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