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Psylocke, Carnage to be downloadable options for Ultimate Alliance 2


As is expected nowadays with just about any console game that comes out, Activision will release downloadable content, or DLC, for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. No release date has been announced, but they have released info on two characters you’ll be able to add to the game. Earlier this month they announced Carnage, and this week they’ve added Psylocke to the roster.

Check out some more shots and a video of Psylocke after the jump.





The DLC will include five characters total, so we should see more announced soon.



Too bad I already traded in this piece of shit game *rolls eyes*

I’ve enjoyed all of the X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, but the new one may be my least favorite (I liked playing it, but the change in story was a little lame).
I was disappointed in the selection of playable/non-playable characters. The entire Fantastic Four is playable, but they are not integral characters (same can be said for Iceman, Jean Grey, and a few others), and it’s clear that Deadpool is the favorite amongst the game’s developers. And both Iron Fist and Daredevil are playable- Iron Fist was Daredevil during Civil War. I was more interested in the characters that weren’t available, like Multiple Man and Hercules.

I know who I’m being next time I play MUA

I found this game to be disappointing not just in that it featured my least-favorite Marvel event to-date but because the character roster was lacking, the power options were lacking, costumes were lacking, and the storyline ended up duplicating (basically) the ideas of the previous game (compare Doom’s mind control to the end of M:UA2 and tell me that doesn’t seem almost exactly the same, right down to changing the landscape.) Pheonix’s powers were lackluster to say the least, and considering how easy I found Pheonix and Thor tokens, I was shocked when I finished the game without unlocking the Hulk. And what an ending! Compared with the thin reasoning behind the Superhero Registration Act, the ending “twist” should’ve had the public clamoring for the execution of heroes, not their reinstatement!

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was a coup – it allowed you to play such a variety of characters and set up your own team or use developer- or comics-groups, and it involved so many heroes and villains in such a way as to make it fun and entertaining. I found this game, by comparison, to be onerous and dull. I’d say this game was “all style and no substance,” but with the exception of some level backgrounds (Latveria at the beginning,) this game didn’t even have any style to speak of, using high-contrast art to mimic the “style” of Civil War in lieu of having genuinely interesting and engaging cutscenes (compare _any_ scene in M:UA2 to the scene in M:UA where Nightcrawler attempts to escape from Castle Doom, or when Loki attacks Asgard)

DLC comes too little too late for this title; if they had released DLC within the first week, it would’ve held my interest.

why was”nt the punisher in the game ?,and the playable heros only 23 they really dropped the ball on this one.the first game had 40 in my opinon it sucks they better ad some charcters quick this game gets a 4 rating for being worse than the first.its supposed to be better people .

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