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Six by 6 by 6 | Six vampires we’d like to share a drink with

The Count

The Count

Editor’s Note: As mentioned earlier today, we’re celebrating Halloween all this week here at Robot 666. Here’s the first of six Six by 6 columns with that theme, by guest contributors Tony Trov and Johnny Zito. They are the creators of Black Cherry Bombshells, the girl-on-zombie web comic from Zuda Comics. This October saw the debut of their newest title, LaMorte Sisters, about a vampire orphanage run by strict nuns.

By Tony Trov & Johnny Zito

(In no particular order)

1. The Count

Tony Trov: The Count is a mysterious force on Sesame Street. He has these neurotic ticks that makes him really intense. The Count counts things, even when there’s just one. His math OCD makes him great at figuring out the tip.

2. The Lost Boys

Johnny Zito: Nothing’s cooler than drinking weird substances out of bejeweled bottles in a crazy vampire cave with Kiefer Sutherland. Raising terror on Santa Carla Boardwalk looks like a lot of fun, too. Unfortunately, all the Chinese food out west sucks. Ew, maggots.

3. Salma Hayek

Tony Trov: I like when people bring their pets to the bar. Dogs are cool but snakes are bad ass. Drinking with the Vampire Queen from From Dusk ’til Dawn doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll put her foot in your mouth. But I’m OK with it either way.

4. Vampirella



Johnny Zito: Vampirella is the crazy girl dancing on the bar, knocking back Walker Red. She’s gonna leave you broke and send you home with bruises. It’s worth it though, your ex will be so jealous when the pictures hit Facebook… Please take me back, Elvira?

5. Nosferatu

Tony Trov: The OG vamp from the days of silent film is celebrity royalty. I’d really like to kick back with the old man and ask what it was like meeting David Bowie and Freddie Mercury on the set of their music video for Under Pressure.

6. The Brides of Dracula

Johnny Zito: With wingmen this good we could ALL be smooth as Dracula.

Tony Trov: Let us know if we missed any vampires worth boozing with.

Johnny Zito: And please check out every Friday for more vampire action.



Nosferatu, “The OG vamp from the days of silent film is celebrity royalty.”

Nice. Just goes to prove that sleek and sexy isn’t -quite- everything when it comes to the vampyr. Though, having said that, one additionl which comes to mind is Giarescu from “Wake the Devil.” I bet that guy could knock back brandies and tell war stories all night.

Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll play the Whedon-card.


Spike HAS to be more fun to share a drink with than Nosferatu. Nosferatu doesn’t even speak!

He did chat in “Shadow of the Vampire,” for what it’s worth, though admittedly he was generally a rather melancholy fellow. The bit about Stoker’s “Dracula” making him sad was good, I still chuckle thinking of it.

The Count is a serious badass… Way beyond just being a math savant. Dig this:

Still, if we’re talking vampiric sex: Selma Hayek FTW!

Cassidy from Preacher would be too obvious.

Re Shaun:

666 Blocks! Ah hahaha!

Nice find.

@ Tony: HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Good one!

I was pleased with myself for remembering that one… Classic Sesame Street never gets old, no matter how old.

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