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Blackest Breakfast

Blackest Breakfast

Jeremy Wojchihosky creates the greatest super hero/cereal mash-up since the brilliant Breakfast of the Gods … Blackest Breakfast, featuring various cereal mascots as DC’s various Lantern characters.

As Caleb Goellner points out, the no-longer-produced Quisp mascot is the Black Lantern, while the Trix rabbit — who did whatever he could to get a hold of his precious, precious Trix cereal — goes orange. The Lucky Charms leprechaun also would have filled that role well. My favorite is probably the mascot of Fruit Loops as the head of the loopy Indigo Tribe.



That is fantastic.

Omg, so awesome.

If this were made into a comic I would definitely buy it… And probably enjoy it more than Blackest Night itself.

I meant “Quisp,” sorry.

“The mascot of Fruit Loops” (actually it’s Froot Loops) is of course, Toucan Sam.

I’d be more impressed with this piece if it had been originally drawn to fit, rather than just cut and paste existing pieces onto a starfield background.


I found this on Deviant art, by a guy named xanykaos

I posit that Dig ‘em would make a better Red Lantern. “Smack, smack, sugar smack. Give me a smack, and I’ll smack ya back.”

I LOVE this grouping! Quisp being a Black Lantern is SO hilarious!

Hey all, yes it is the real jwojchi.
I actually made another mash up in Photoshop long before this one.
It was for the Disney and Marvel merger, but Bendis did not say one word about it like Geoff did for Blackest Breakfast.

Check it out!

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