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Straight for the art | R. Crumb’s “Varieties of Women”

R. Crumb takes on Abu Ghraib

R. Crumb takes on Abu Ghraib

Does this make Robert Crumb officially fashionable? The undeground comix legend and author of The Book of Genesis Illustrated is gracing the internet presence of fashion bible W magazine with a gallery titled “Varieties of Women.” It’s actually something of a history lesson, with featured females ranging from cavewomen to Egyptian gods to medieval German peasants to 19th-century asylum inmates to Crumb’s own high school classmates to “friends” of Russ Meyer and Hugh Hefner. Yes, Abu Ghraib torturer/fall gal Lynndie England’s in there too. And yes, portions of it are as NSFW as you might expect.

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Lynndie England became a scapegoat for the entire Bush adminstration. She was a young girl who made some bad decisions. Many of our solders have made poor decisions, Lynndie’s mistake was having hers photographed. I have no doubt that they had been ordered to soften the prisoners, but only the lowest ranking were punished. Lynndie has paid her dept for her mistakes. It is time as American’s we look at her more as a victim that a villian here. She sawed no heads off. She killed nor injured no one in that prison. In a lot of ways I admire the way she answered America’s call to war. She went off to war without hesitation. She was proud to be an American. It is apparent that America has lost its appetite to fight a war. What she did in the scheme of things is so petty. As a military veterin with an honorable discharge I would personally like to see her get an official pardon for all her charges from the Obama Administration and full millitary benefits returned. We have all made mistakes. I think I saw every one of those pictures that were made public. I was not offended by any of them. I would challenge anyone who was upset by the photos of Lynndie go on YouTube and watch the Danial Pearle beheading. Those are the type mosters we are up against. A few risque pictures that gave our enemies indigestion is no reason to ruin a young girls life.

Sorry to have to say this, but Ms. England’s mistake was not that she got photographed abusing and psychologically torturing prisoners. Her mistake was that he abused and psychologically tortured prisoners. For the apologist who wrote the above post, this must be hard to accept. It was not, after all, himself, nor his brother, father nor comrade in arms who was treated this way by the enemy. She did wrong, allowed others to do wrong, and dishonored herself and us. The sad thing was that this probably happened more often. As we know, there are more photos that the congressional committees chose not to release. It is disturbing that the “veterin” who posted above was not ashamed of what England did. It does not matter in her case what other war criminals have done. What matters is what she does. What matters is what we do. We don’t do these things because it is wrong. We don’t base our morality and ethics on the actions of others. We base them on our ideals and on what kind of people we choose to be, and we adhere to such principles at cost–our lives and sacred honor.

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