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Are Mark Millar and Steve McNiven reviving Marvelman?

Miracleman #15

Miracleman #15

While currently this is nothing more than pure conjecture, a quick Google search has led this part-time blogger to believe that the much-hyped, super-secret, forthcoming Mark Millar/Steve McNiven project for Marvel is in fact a Marvelman series.

Millar announced Friday that he and McNiven – his collaborator on Civil War and “Old Man Logan” – are joining forces on Nemesis for the House of Ideas with an expected launch date of March 2010.

“Nemesis” just so happens to be the subtitle of Miracleman #15 , written by Alan Moore and penciled by John T. Totleben.

Considered by many to be the most “shocking,” “disturbing” and “sought-after” appearance of the Mick Anglo creation, the issue features an epic battle between Miracleman and his “nemesis” Kid Miracleman.

Did Millar land the ultimate gig to be the man responsible for folding the classic British hero into the Marvel Universe?

Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has apparently been listening to pitches since the publisher announced at Comic-Con International that it had purchased the rights to the property. Who better than the Glaswegian scribe to reintroduce Marvelman?

Again, nothing but a late-night musing here, but what do you think?



This…. well, shit, this is actually really damn convincing. I’m not sure WHAT to think if this is true, but… well, it’ll certainly be one hell of a spectacle.

no, I think it’s something with Ghost Rider.

Millar on Ghost Rider would really frustrate me after the work Aaron’s been doing lately.

Alternatively, Millar writing Kid Marvelman would probably work considering he’s best at writing (can only write?) heartless wretches you hate.

I read Rich Johnston mentioned this as a possibility but he can be rather myopic when it comes to Marvelman. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

Wasn’t Millar planning to a big massive X-Men restructuring with Hitch, McNiven and some other artist but opted to do Fantastic Four?

Off the top of my head this “Nemesis” project will be a rehash of Miraclman’s struggle with himself and Kid Marvelman as seen in MM #’s 1-16, just without the hassel of getting clearance for the art, since Alan Moore gave his story rights to Mick Anglo, I think.

Regardless I hope this or something clears the path for Neil Gaiman to return to the only book besides Sandman that he ever wrote that was worth a flip.

doubtfull its mircle man for there is still some legal issues and okay by the orginals who worked on the book to finaly finish clearing. its probaly a x-men or some other marvel maybe a villian project. though it would be cool to have it be the begining of Marvel mans return to print. and the door being open for the legendary mircle man 25 to see print .

I suppose it makes sense for Marvel to integrate Marvelman into the Marvel U at some point, but as a fan who’s been waiting for Neil Gaiman to finish his run, this seems like an anti-climax. That’s not to say I’m opposed to a new take on the character nor one that integrates him into his corporate overlords, just that I’d rather see the existing story finished off first. But really — who knows?

Josh Fitzpatrick

November 2, 2009 at 8:05 am

Marvelman in the Marvel U makes no sense whatsoever. The character worked on it’s own and within it’s own world so well. It’s very telling that one short storyline by Moore (his last with Totelben), was what really put the series on the map. Not to mention it had a clear and fantastic ending. While I liked Gaimans stories at first they ran out of gas.

As for having Mark Millar on Miracle/Marvelman? Doesn’t appeal to me, pop culture references, a story that should take one issue to tell being spread over six issues. Just seems pointless to me, I welcome about as well as I would news of Michael Bay being tasked with remaking Psycho.

No no no! Joe Quesada, don’t merge him with Marvel. Marvelman has to be separate from any mainstream universe.

‘Miracleman’ worked so powerfully because he had his own very unique universe, which let the series challenge and revise all of superhero history in general. Joe, stay true to the source. Let Neil Gaiman finish his two arcs. Since Neil’s time span is going to be huge, maybe let other creators interpret some of the gaps between, like the ‘Apocrypha’ comic series in the early 90’s did. Everyone in the industry would love to do a story. There are ten years still unexplored between The Golden Age and The Silver Age alone. The Dark Age will be hundreds of years in the future. Work within that vast frame, but not outside of it.

The name Marvel was a coincidence. Don’t go sideways with that, stay true to the original path. Joe, you gave all of us faithful the impossible, a second chance; we’re counting on you to do it the right way.

Ideally, Marvel would create a similar situation with Marvel/Miracleman that it has with the Punisher: publish a Marvel Universe-friendly version as well as a “mature readers” version (either through Icon or Max). That way the Warrior/Eclipse issues can be reprinted, Gaiman can complete his Silver Age and Dark Age arcs, Marvel can still have the character interacting with Spider-Man, Iron Man and so on, and no one feels shortchanged. Plus, fiscally speaking, those are a lot of revenue streams derived from one property (not even counting the reissues of Mick Anglo’s original work). That would make me a happy Marvel bean-counter.

Heck, Marvel could start reprinting Moore’s and Gaiman’s already completed stories in single-issue form, giving Gaiman and Buckingham a big window to complete the series and at the same time providing a lot of readers the chance to read comics that have been pretty hard to find (legally) for a long time. It’s a win-win … win.


The only issue is in the reprinting of the Eclipse issues. Marvel can go ahead and produce new material or reprint Mick’s stuff with no problem. Marvel could go ahead and finish the Gaiman storyline if they wanted to, just not including any of the Eclipse stuff.

I personally am not sure as to what the project will be. It could be MM or even the villain book that Millar hinted at several times.

Oh God. I love Mark Millar and I ADORE Miracleman, but those are two great tastes that I think will taste like cold pee together.

Interesting, I was wondering how long until some stirrings on Marvel/Miracle would begin again.

This is fucking terrible.

Matthew Stockfarleysolomonburger

November 15, 2009 at 3:37 pm

Catiously optimistic about this since Millar’s recent projects are actually 99% more interesting than anything else Marvel’s doing right now. But I have a feeling Nemesis will be a new character established via retcon that will be a someone’s secret supreme master (Thanos?) ala the Maquis of Death for Dr. Doom.

Plus if anyone missed it, Bendis said on his Twitter page that he is writing Marvelman. it is unknown whether or not he was being actually being truthful or lying.

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